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2 knowledge of human growth hormone: concept and development

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What is HGH?

human growth hormone is the English abbreviation of Human Growth Hormone, which is a sign of youth, also known as youth hormone, secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, and is a protein polypeptide composed of 191 amino acids.
Physiological function is to promote material metabolism and growth and development, and it affects various organs and tissues of the body, especially bones, muscles and internal organs.

Discovery and Development

Scientists discovered HGH in 1920, but it was not used clinically until 1958. Its biggest clinical limitation is that it needs to be extracted from the pituitary gland of the corpse, and only a few drops can be extracted from the brains of thousands of dead people; what's worse is that the extracted from the corpse may be infected with a deadly virus.
Muscle atrophy and death after several years. By 1958, Dr. Herbert Boyer and his assistants successfully synthesized HGH using genetic recombination technology, but at that time FDA only approved HGH for dwarfism and other children who could not grow normally.
In 1990, Dr. Rudman formally proposed a new theory to explain the causes of human aging. And 26 elderly people aged 61 to 80 were divided into two groups for HGH double-blind experiment.
After six months, the aging of the elderly who did not use HGH continued to deteriorate; the elderly who were able to use HGH had an average of 10 to 20 years younger in body tissue.

In 1992, Stanford University Hospital officially proposed to publish a report on the reversal of aging by HGH.

In 1996, the US FDA approved long-term use in adults.
In 1999, a group of scientists in the United States used a special single-cell packaging technology to make HGH into an oral spray.

The effect of HGH on the three major metabolites:

Protein: HGH can promote the entry of amino acids into cells through growth interleukin and accelerate protein synthesis.

Fat: HGH can enhance the oxidation of fatty acids, promote fat burning, and break down fatty acids into carbon dioxide, water, and a lot of energy.

Sugar: Maintains blood sugar levels.

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