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2 major functions of human growth hormone

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Biological action

(1) Promote growth: it can promote the division and proliferation of bone, cartilage, muscle and other tissues and cells, and increase protein synthesis.

The effect of human growth hormone on cartilage is through growth mediator (also known as insulin-like growth factor).
If people lack auxin in childhood, they will have growth stagnation and short stature, but they will not affect intelligence, which is called disease.
If the secretion of auxin in childhood is too much, it will produce gigantism; In adulthood, excessive human growth hormone secretion will lead to acromegaly.

(2) Promote metabolism: promote protein synthesis through growth mediators; Promote fat decomposition and oxidation.
Inhibit the uptake and utilization of glucose in peripheral tissues and increase blood glucose concentration. The effects of auxin on fat and glucose metabolism seem to be independent of growth mediators.

Secretory regulation

(1) Dual regulation of hypothalamic GHRH and ghrih: the former plays a promoting role, while the latter plays an inhibitory role.

(2) Feedback regulation: human growth hormone in blood can produce negative feedback regulation on hypothalamus and adenohypophysis.

(3) Affected by sleep: the secretion of human growth hormone is very little in the waking state; Increased significantly after entering slow wave sleep; After switching to heterogeneous sleep, secretion decreases again.

(4) Affected by metabolic factors: the decrease of blood glucose and the increase of amino acids and fatty acids in blood can lead to the increase of auxin secretion; The increase of blood glucose can reduce the secretion of human growth hormone.

(5) Other factors: exercise, stress stimulation, thyroid hormone, estrogen and progesterone can promote human growth hormone secretion.

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