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3 major classifications and common classifications of steroid powders

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The three major classifications of steroid powders include direct line of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone derivative (DHT) and progesterone derivative (19-nortestosterone).

irect line of testosterone: testosterone preparation, testosterone heptanoate, mixed testosterone, testosterone methotrexate, dalibu, etc.

Dihydrotestosterone derivatives: kanglilong, metinolone, oxyandron, medestrone, etc.

Progesterone derivatives: daika (norone kuitate), vinegar / tranbolone heptanate, etc.

When we list them, we will find that the side effects of similar steroid powders are mostly similar; Most of the direct lines of testosterone store water.

Most of dihydrotestosterone are more prone to acne. Progesterone does not turn female and does not store water, but it will infinitely amplify the existing estrogen in the body or the estrogen aromatized by its direct line.

These are the general classification and rough explanation, and the side effects, drug mechanism, mode of action and other details will be explained later;

In addition, it is classified by muscle strength. After all, steroids are inseparable from a muscle strengthening effect, but they are strong and weak.

Strong muscle strengthening ability: vigorously tonic, with card, Teli tonic, kangfulong, qunbolong, etc; Weak muscle enhancement: trotaderone, metinolone, kanglilong, etc.

Generally speaking, appropriate drugs should be arranged according to the actual situation.

For example, if people with high body fat want to do muscle enhancement C, it is definitely not recommended to use band cards; Or if you want to reduce fat, arrange oxygen androsaurus and so on.

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