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4 Ways to Use steroids china Safely

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If there was a "code" for the safe use of steroids china, it would be something along the lines of the ones listed below.

This quasi-rule ensures that you get the expected risk-reward ratio.

Rule 1: Steroids are not allowed under the age of 24.

Until the age of 24, your body is in a state of excess testosterone and hormones.

If you're young and unable to make progress without medication, there are a few things you should revisit - training and supplements primarily.

As long as the foundation is laid, you should be able to make progress without the use of drugs.

If that doesn't work, then using drugs isn't necessarily much better.

steroids china have an inhibitory effect on the long epiphyseal plate (growth plate), so if your height is not fully developed, steroids may hinder your bone growth, not to mention, steroids can also be used when your hormonal system is maturing. of closing.

Don't destroy your reproductive system at this point, you still need it.

Rule 2: Don't use steroids until natural methods are exhausted.

Even after the age of 24, steroids china should never be used as a shortcut to success. Otherwise, you will never be able to reach your full potential.

To understand your abilities, you must train for at least five years using natural methods.

Five years from now, if you're sure you've reached the peak of your genetic ability and won't make any further progress, then, and only then, should steroids be considered.

Rule 3: Always do a full physical exam, including blood tests.

If legal, steroids china use in moderation is generally safe for healthy adults. However, we do not know how a person will react to external substances.

Ask your doctor to do a physical exam to make sure you don't create unnecessary risks.

Most bodybuilders forgo this step because it can be difficult to find a doctor who is open-minded and can accept steroids china use.

Steroids can put a load on the internal organs, and if you have some underlying problem, there is a chance that steroid use may make it worse.

A blood test after a cycle of use can also be a good way to help you determine how well you're responding to your medication.

Rule 4: Each usage period cannot exceed three weeks.

This view may be contrary to traditional thinking, but it is very meaningful. Maximum growth occurs only when the receptors are kept fresh.

Why not take advantage of this "window of opportunity"? Let's break free from conventional thinking.

Generally speaking, you won't be able to get growth spurts due to short cycles, but keep in mind that small increases are easier to maintain.

If you gain 30 pounds at a time, chances are you'll lose 20 of them (actually, if you gain that much in one go, chances are you'll lose the last 10, because once you stop using the drug, your body will "Crash", falling into a catabolic state).

But if you gain 6-7 pounds every three weeks -- that amount, the body can manage it. In addition, the shorter the cycle, the faster the endocrine system recovers.

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