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4 key points of oral steroid powders

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Types and differences of oral steroids

Generally, oral steroid powders are divided into two categories: the first category is c-17aa steroids (dalibu, telib, kangfulong, kanglilong, oxyandron, fluoromethyltestosterone...), and the second category is non-c-17aa steroids (medroxone, metinolone acetate...).

The difference between the first one and the second one is that the first one adds an alkyl group at 17a.

Why join the alkyl group?

When administered orally, free testosterone must be filtered by the liver before entering the skeletal muscle.

Once free testosterone enters the liver, 98% of the molecules will be broken down by the liver and become ineffective.

In order to combat the first pass effect of the liver, humans add alkyl groups at 17a in order to produce steroids that are not easy to be broken down by the liver, so as to ensure the survival of steroids in the process of passing through the liver, The burden on the liver increases.

Comparison of oral and injection (hepatotoxicity, half-life)

In short, c-17aa oral steroid powders are far more hepatotoxic than injections.

Because the injection goes directly into the muscle rather than through the liver first, 98% of the free testosterone passing through the liver will still be catabolized.

Oral steroids and injection are also different from the injection. The difference is that the half-life is short, and there is no long time serum concentration.

Therefore, the anabolism is far lower than the injection. Because of its short metabolic cycle, it has little suppression on its own sex glands (a red net in Taiwan, China, which leads to impotence and collapse of itself.

What is the effect of oral muscle increasing circulation and oral fat reducing circulation?

So the question that has been puzzling us for many years: what is the effect of oral muscle circulation?

Simple answer: effective, it can really help you improve your strength state, etc., but the effect is often not maintained.

Explain that oral steroids have short half-life, fast solid effect, great help in improving strength, training state and training capacity, but their synthetic ability is not high, and the reason is that the half-life is short.

So what is the effect of oral fat reduction cycle? Unger will discuss it carefully with you.

What is the most terrible thing about fat reduction? Lose muscle, right? If there is something that can help you resist catabolism, improve your aerobic capacity, and help you affect fat cells through different channels to achieve the purpose of fat reduction, the most important thing is that this kind of thing will not affect your gonad fluctuation, so it can be used by both men and women. What do you think of this kind of thing?

Therefore, the effect of oral fat reduction cycle is commendable (in the next issue, Unger will discuss the artifact of oral fat reduction: clenbuterol, you remember to continue to pay attention to the "story of anabolism").

The role of oral injection in oral circulation is still indispensable. Improving strength muscle endurance and training status has never helped to improve training intensity and bring a higher degree of muscle fiber damage.

Vigorous tonic and kangfulong hepatotoxic drugs with the same violent effect make you quickly store water and gain weight in a short time.

Metinolone can increase muscle separation while resisting catabolism. The excellent fat reducing effect of kanglilong oxygen androsaurus can help you absorb water while increasing strength.

Fluorotestosterone can help you improve your state, dry the final water and improve dryness and accuracy.

Hepatotoxicity of steroid powder

As for hepatotoxicity, there is no doubt that there is hepatotoxicity, but prevention is greater than treatment.

In the whole cycle, you should protect the liver, go to bed early and get up early. It is important to have a physical examination before the cycle and face up to your physical condition.

Oral steroids, such as testosterone and metinolone, have low liver toxicity.

Oxyandron terlipin is also a relatively mild steroid with low liver toxicity. However, it can be regarded as a more healthy tonic than staying up all day drinking in bars.

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