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5 benefits of Human Growth Hormone for the human body

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HGH and human immune function:

Lymphocytes are cell lines with specific immune recognition functions. Can be divided into three subgroups: T cells, B cells and natural killer cells (NK).

T and B cells participate in the immune response process, blocking the ability of viruses to enter cells; they can also neutralize exotoxins; NK cells participate in cellular immunity, can remove foreign bodies, and have a specific killing effect on tumor cells.

It can be said that lymphocytes are the body's first line of defense against disease invasion, and it is also the most important line of defense.

Current research shows that Human Growth Hormone can promote the proliferation of normal human T lymphocytes; Human Growth Hormone can increase the secretion of interferon and monocytes in peripheral blood; Human Growth Hormone can also directly or indirectly affect the development and function of B cells; Increased activity of NK cells. It can be seen that HGH plays an important role in enhancing the body's resistance, preventing diseases, and fighting cancer.

HGH and bone and joint diseases:

HGH induces the liver to produce a growth-promoting peptide called somatotropin. The main role of somatotropin is to promote cartilage growth. In addition to promoting the entry of sulfate into cartilage tissue, it can also promote the entry of amino acids into cartilage cells and enhance the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein. At the same time, HGH can enhance the utilization of vitamin D and calcium in bones to increase bone density and prevent fractures.

HGH promotes the growth of cardiomyocytes:

Human Growth Hormone increases the number of cardiomyocytes: At the same time, the size of the cells increases; the left ventricular muscle also becomes thicker.

Therefore, the stroke volume per minute and the stroke volume per stroke of the heart can be increased. Human Growth Hormone enhances heart function and increases exercise capacity.

HGH can enhance sexual performance and promote libido:

It prolongs the stamina of sexual intercourse in men; therefore, it is considered the most effective aphrodisiac currently known.
On the urinary side, Human Growth Hormone reduces the frequency of nocturnal urination due to the improvement of renal function.

HGH can make almost every organ in the body renew and grow:

This includes organs such as the brain, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, which all decline with age. Human Growth Hormone makes every organ grow again.

This magical effect of HGH has been confirmed by a large number of clinical experiments. The US FDA also approved in August 1996: adults can use Human Growth Hormone for a long time.
This is a milestone breakthrough in medicine, an epoch-making revolutionary achievement, and a world-class high-tech achievement!

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