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A new exploration of fitness knowledge -- steroids powders

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What if you want to make your whole person look bigger and have more muscle in the short term------ With steroids powders, pay attention to the difference between sterols and supplements.

Supplements refer to protein powder, BCAA, nitrogen pump, etc., which can be said to be a supplement, while steroids powders can be said to be hormones. The two concepts are different.

What are steroids?

Steroids powders are just the general name of a class of drugs. They are hormones. They are divided into oral and injection forms.

Many of these drugs are used in medicine. For example, clenbuterol, which we all know, was first used to improve the breathing problems of horses, but later it was found that clenbuterol can accelerate the fat combustion of pigs and cattle, make the meat thinner and the meat quality better, So many people add clenbuterol to their feed.

Why can steroids powders improve fitness?

Steroids powders can increase testosterone

First of all, testosterone can maintain the strength and quality of muscles.

Because everyone has different amounts of testosterone, the strength and quantity of maintaining muscles are limited. If people want to grow larger and more muscles, they need more testosterone to maintain muscles.

Therefore, they need to inject foreign aid testosterone to maintain muscles, However, injection of exogenous testosterone will inhibit the secretion of endogenous testosterone, so many people say that injection of steroids will affect sexual function, which is also the reason.

Steroids powders increase protein absorption capacity

First of all, we should make it clear that not 100% of the food in our stomach is digested and absorbed.

Before, someone said that I can't eat fat, so the non absorption of what you eat may be one of the reasons why you can't eat fat.

Taking some steroids powders can help you better absorb protein.

For example, if you take 100g of protein, you may only absorb 20g under normal circumstances, but after steroid injection, it may reach 80g or more.

The absorbed protein is used to repair damaged muscle cells to make them larger and more.

Increase resilience.

We all know that our muscles will be sore after training. Usually, the pain will disappear after 1 ~ 2 days of rest, but if you inject some steroids to help you recover, you can shorten the recovery time. The muscles that normally take 1 ~ 2 days to recover can recover in a few hours.

Steroids powders can increase strength

After taking some steroids powders, you can still push up the same weight without weight control.

For example, under normal circumstances, you can squat for 100 kg, but one day you eat less and have less glycogen reserves, and then you still squat for 100 kg.

Then I can tell you that you can't squat because you don't have energy, Of course, you can squat even if you insist on squatting, but your state is very poor (personal feeling), but after you ingest a certain kind of sterol, although you have less glycogen, you can still squat to 100 kg without losing strength.

Common steroid effects and side effects

Clenbuterol (clenbuterol) (not strictly steroids powders)

Function: increase calorie consumption during fat reduction, improve metabolism, and maintain the sum of muscle protein at the same time

Side effects: it is tolerable and may produce various adverse consequences, such as fever, which varies from person to person

Tonic: androgen anabolic steroids powders derived from testosterone

Function: enhance protein synthesis and obtain larger muscles. It is a medicine for off-season athletes to increase circumference

Side effects: inhibit the body's own testosterone secretion, with hepatotoxicity, which may cause female breast disease (some anti female drugs can prevent) and water symptoms, as well as acne, hair loss, male baldness and body hair growth (the above conditions are not absolutely determined according to personal conditions)

Fluorotestosterone: steroid derived from testosterone

Function: it can increase the number of red blood cells in the blood and improve muscle endurance and strength.

Fluoromethyltestosterone is generally used in fat reduction. In the final stage of a few weeks before the competition, fluoromethyltestosterone can improve the athletes' state (mainly the state of not having enough to eat), help the athletes through the harsh period of diet and make the muscles drier and tighter.

Side effects: it is highly hepatotoxic and inhibits the production of endogenous testosterone

Baodanone: androgen anabolic steroid derived from testosterone

Function: it can increase lean body weight, but the effect is relatively slow. It can improve appetite and pump feeling greatly, which has a good effect on the growth of strength and the improvement of dimension.

Side effects: inhibit the secretion of testosterone in the human body.

Metinolone (the safest of all steroids powders)

Function: it will make your muscle contour angular, harden your muscles and make the muscle lines very obvious.

Androsterone: anabolic steroids powders

Function: it can be used to preserve muscle in the fat reduction stage. It can increase the firmness of muscle and will not store water when increasing muscle.

Side effects: hepatotoxicity

Trenbolone powder

Function: trenbolone powder can greatly improve the trainer's strength and improve the training level by several levels, and trenbolone powdercan strongly dry the sebum and water, so as to achieve the effect of skill muscle enhancement and fat reduction.

Side effects: inhibit the secretion of testosterone in human body, affect sleep and have hepatotoxicity.

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