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All frequently asked questions about steroids [detailed answers]

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1. How much muscle can a novice user gain through the first cycle? If a sufficient dose is used, the first cycle can bring a very significant increase for the user. Although everyone's situation is different, it is common to gain 40 pounds or more through a cycle of 8-12 weeks. Of course there is some water in this, but 25-30 pounds of muscle gain is still very realistic.

   2. Is the increase from steroid use temporary? Yes or no. First of all, you have to understand that steroids can help you achieve muscle growth in two basic areas. First of all, drugs can allow you to quickly reach the limit of muscle growth set by your genes. Through active training, a reasonable diet, and a successful post-cycle recovery plan, you can of course keep the muscles within the limits determined by your genes. In this respect, the muscle growth brought about by early circulation is not temporary. On the other hand, steroids can help you break through your genetic limits. It needs to be emphasized that the extreme body shape of bodybuilders cannot be maintained without long-term cycling of steroid drugs. Once the medicine is stopped, the body will spontaneously return to the previous normal hormone level. So you can also say that some muscle growth is not permanent. Steroids can make permanent changes to your body shape by increasing the number of nuclei in your body. The increase in nuclear material can make each muscle cell increase its volume more efficiently, which can cause rapid muscle growth in a short period of time. Even if you have not taken medicine or training for a long time, the increase in nuclear material brought about by the previous cycle will still exist. This forms a kind of muscle memory, which means that you can reach the limit of your muscle growth faster than someone who has never used steroids. So in fact, the benefits of using steroids are not just the short-term gains in these muscles.


    3. How long can steroids take effect? Most steroid drugs require injections, and oral administration is only a small part. The average professional player does two cycles a year, each C is 3-4 months.

   4. What kind of harm does the use of steroids do to the body? If you want to answer this question rigorously, I can only say that at present, various authoritative opinions are different, and there are all kinds of opinions. But the harm to the body is certain. If used properly, the risk and harm to the body can be avoided to a minimum. The specific methods and types of damage will not be repeated here. . .

   5. Are all the champions using steroids? This topic is very sensitive, but I still want to be honest. There is no player in the Olympic Games, especially the big players, who are not suitable for steroids, and China is no exception.

   6. Is there any steroid content in the supplements such as protein powders that we often eat? Smiled and said: no

  7. How much does a set of steroids cost? Prices vary. Under normal circumstances, no more than two thousand drugs are used for the first cycle. Hundreds-tens of thousands

   8. Where do steroids come from? Part of it is imported and part of it is made domestically. For the common people, there is nowhere to get this stuff. Pharmaceutical research institutes or pharmaceutical factories or laboratories can do it.

   9. Can steroids make me look like a professional bodybuilder? In other words, if you have very good genetic conditions, coupled with hard diet and training, you are likely to gain the same muscles as a professional bodybuilder. But in fact, most people cannot do it. Genes determine a large part of it, and this cannot be changed. Many people become big through the use of drugs, but only a few people can truly become bodybuilders.

   10. How risky is a single steroid cycle? At least for short-term users, anabolic/androgenic steroids are very safe. Exaggerated doses of drugs are not used in a cycle. Negative effects on indicators such as cholesterol level, blood pressure, and hematocrit usually do not appear after a cycle. Thousands of people use steroids, but only a few die of stroke or liver cancer due to short-term drug abuse. To be honest, the death rate caused by steroid abuse is a little higher than that of marijuana overdose (have you ever heard of marijuana death?), and it is far lower than the death rate caused by illegal narcotic drugs.

   11. Can I use steroids to safely extend my sports career? Generally speaking, a purposeful steroid use plan is difficult to define as absolutely safe. But in fact, anabolic steroids can be used relatively safely in the long term. Guidance on how to use steroids is the key to minimizing the risk of use. If the user strictly abides by the prescribed dosage, select the appropriate drug, the appropriate cycle length, while maintaining a diet low in saturated fatty acids, low sugar, low cholesterol, and appropriate amount of carbohydrate, perform hard strength and aerobic training, and be reasonable during the cycle Taking supplements like fish oil, it is hard to say how high the risk is. So avoiding risks is the top priority when planning your cycle well.


   12. What is the safest steroid medicine for male users? Testosterone, no matter what form of testosterone is, is relatively safe. In the range of slightly beyond the therapeutic dose (for example, 200-400 mg of testosterone ester per week), the risk of cardiovascular disease will appear but is not serious. At the same time, injectable drugs such as Baodanone, Nandrolone and Primobolan are relatively safe. These drugs are safer than all other oral and injectable steroids.

   13. Which steroids will not cause hair loss? For people who determine which genes contain factors that determine hair loss, all steroids can accelerate the process of hair loss. In order to avoid speeding up or causing hair loss, users can choose nandrolone, oxandrolone or primobolan as the basis of the cycle. An appropriate dose of testosterone can be added to the circulation to combat the side effects of dioxytestosterone. However, anyway, if your genes determine that you will lose hair, you can only carefully control it by using the appropriate drug dosage and cycle length, otherwise your hairline will get higher and higher.

    14. Do I need to change the type of steroids every few weeks to prevent the receptors in the body from getting accustomed to the presence of drugs? No need to do this. Anabolic/androgenic steroids all increase muscle by activating the same receptors. So changing the type of drugs used has no effect. Your tolerance to one steroid can reflect your tolerance to all steroids. The plateau period often occurs in the 6th to 8th week of the cycle. The reason has not been studied, but it is generally believed that muscle cells have a certain upper limit of metabolic efficiency under the action of a certain dose of steroids. This has nothing to do with the sensitivity to steroids.

   15. Can I buy the real medicine on the black market? Is there a difference between a fake medicine and a real medicine? Although it is impossible to say a number accurately, more than half of the anabolic androgenic steroids on the black market are fake. In some places it is even more. Most of them are fakes produced by unknown small pharmaceutical factories. There is of course a difference between fake drugs and real drugs, because the quality of non-drug-grade drugs cannot be guaranteed at all. To ensure safety, it is better to spend money on high-quality pharmaceutical-grade steroids.

   16. Precursors have no side effects and steroids have big side effects? Often those who have not used drugs will exaggerate the side effects of steroids. 17. Can I use strong drugs? Do I feel superhuman after using them? Can I grow muscles without training? No matter which steroids you use, That cycle must first ensure safe dosage and methods, and must have professional guidance and plans as the foundation. Some people come up and I want to lose fat and increase muscle together. If you have a new C, the suggestion to you is to separate it separately. If you increase muscle, then increase muscle first and simply cycle. If you lose fat, then reduce fat. This is also good for your body. responsible for. Some people may say that I also want this and that, if you want it all, I'm sorry for what God brings to you, then I will take some things accordingly. So you can't eat a big fat man in one bite.

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