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Best SARMs for Building Muscle and Losing Weight

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1. What are SARMs?
2. How do SARMs Lead to Muscle Growth and Fat Loss?
3. Top 5 Best SARMs for Building Muscle and Losing Weight
3.1 MK-2866  (Ostarine)
3.2 LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)
3.3 GW501516 (Cardarine)
3.4 S4 (Andarine)
3.5 SR9009 (Stenabolic)
4. SARMs VS Steroids
5. Side Effects of SARMs
6. Buy SARMs Powder Online
7. Conclusion

SARMs are becoming more and more popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Why are they so popular? Are they effective? Do they have any side effects? Should you take them? Here you may find the answers.

What are SARMs?

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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs for short) are a class of therapeutic compounds that have similar properties to anabolic agents, but with reduced androgenic properties. This property allows SARMs the advantage of androgen-receptor specificity, tissue selectivity, and the lack of steroid-related side effects.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs contain androgens which are a special kind of hormones that act as ligands connecting to cellular androgen receptors. The androgen receptors (AR) integrated in a composite signal transduction conduit that ultimately leads to bigger expression of particular genes. This connection to the AR is what makes all prohormones and steroids give their muscle growth properties.

Androgens are nothing but the body hormones that work as messengers. Testosterone is the most well-known androgen among all. Now, when these hormones send signals, there must be receptors to receive it and function it. This is why androgen receptors have been spread throughout the body.

These receptors receive the signals and forward them to the cells. When people use traditional steroids as receptor modulators, they end up activating all such receptors of the body. This leads to nothing but a series of negative side effects in the prostate gland, liver and cardiovascular system. On the other hand, people who use a selective modulator activate only the receptors in bones and muscles. This has no side effect and is a healthier option over traditional steroids.

This is the reason why SARMs are gaining popularity among many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

How do SARMs Lead to Muscle Growth and Fat Loss?

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SARMs are far more selective than steroids, boasting anabolic-to-androgenic ratios starting at 3:1 and going as high as 90:1. That means you can still get muscle growth and fat loss, but SARMs won't give you man boobs or turn you into the bearded lady. You can also take SARMs orally. No need for injections.

SARMs lead to specific changes in the body and they impact vital bodily functions. On the one hand, investigational drugs that are being sold as supplements in the market, maximize energy output by improving metabolism, breaking down calories consumed and triggering many syntheses that help in the development and growth of muscles. However, on the other side, we have SARMs that prevent muscle wasting, burn fat and limit the growth of fat cells.

They not only restrict the growth of fat cells but also attack the most stubborn fat in the body and burn it. These stubborn deposits of fat are very hard to lose even with excessive exercise and stringent diet. No matter how extensively you work out, you’ll again find that fat in your body. Such fat is targeted by SARMs, which make it surer and easier to lose such rigid fat.

Top 5 Best SARMs for Building Muscle and Losing Weight

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MK-2866 (Ostarine)

MK-2866, also called Ostarine, is one of the best-studied SARMs. According to the studies, Ostarine shows no meaningful side effects and is very effective at building muscle.

Ostarine is a good choice for those looking to bulk up. It can also be used together with other SARMS for more enhanced results. Very little side effects have been seen with the exception of slightly suppressed testosterone levels. Besides being a great muscle builder, MK2866 is also really good at assisting with burning fat.

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)

LGD-4033, also called Ligandrol or Anabolicum, is a SARM (selective androgen receptor module). The clear-cut primary benefit of supplementing with Ligandrol is its ability to increase lean muscle mass without increasing fat when bulking. Clinical studies show us that test subjects made great gains on 1.0mg per day.

LGD-4033 helps to naturally build muscle mass by combating muscle breakdown instead of gunning for the usage of stored fat cells. Because muscle tissue is harder to maintain than fat, it makes sense for the body to start burning fat in order to continue functioning.

GW501516 (Cardarine)

GW501516 , also known as Cardarine, is used as a unique and potentially powerful SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). One study showed that the compound might increase muscle fibers associated with peak physical performance.

Cardarine can be used by those who are already lean or those who are obese in both genders. It increases glucose uptake by changing how the body treats nutrients, drastically reducing how fat is stored.  This translates to a lowering of body fat whether the person alters their diet or not, although in studies those that did eat better had much more pronounced results.

S4 (Andarine)

S4 or andarine, was the earliest SARM. It was popular in the 2008 Olympics, before SARMs were banned from professional athletics. Users report modest strength and muscle gain, as well as modest fat loss.

S4 seems to work best if you use it stacking with other SARMs. It pairs well with MK-2866 and LGD-4033. Both suppress testosterone at higher doses, a side effect S4 can counter. But S4 carries unique side effects that may make it better to skip.

SR9009 (Stenabolic)

SR9009, also known as Stenabolic is a research chemical that was developed for the purpose of studying the circadian rhythm. SR9009 has the ability to affect weight loss even without exercise according to over a 30-day study on mice. It also has been shown to reduce the amount of cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin and free fatty acids shown in diet-induced obese mice.

If you simply want to build a little lean muscle mass and tone up slightly, SR9009 is a very useful supplement to have at your disposal.

SARMs VS Steroids

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Using steroids to boost your hormones is like trying to tweak a microchip with a sledgehammer. Steroids help you build muscle by increasing testosterone, which then increases protein synthesis in your cells, building muscle and burning fat. That's considered the anabolic side of steroids, and it's great.

But steroids also interact with your liver, your prostate, your heart, your sex organs (which leads to ball shrinkage in men and clitoral enlargement in women), and your secondary sex characteristics (voice depth, body hair growth, man boobs, acne, etc.). All these side effects are the androgenic part of steroids.

SARMs are excellent at only binding to your muscle and causing muscle growth. And although they're not 100% selective — they still affect other parts of your body in a minimal way — they've turned out to be an incredibly safe and effective alternative to steroids.

Side Effects of SARMs

The most notable side effect of SARMs is suppression. This means that your natural hormone production will be suppressed. The following compounds can be suppressive: YK11; RAD-140; LGD-4033; MK-2866; S-23. It's recommended to have a SARM PCT on hand when starting a cycle, even if you don't end up needing it.

Some SARMs are known to cause very specific sides. Like Andarine (S4) might cause a yellowish tint to the vision. Or LGD-4033 can cause a mild flu in the first few days.

A lot of the other side effects believed to be caused by SARMs are in fact caused due to contaminated batches that are laced with prohormones or steroids itself.

Buy SARMs Powder Online

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As a bodybuilder, you are now looking for something that will place you top of your game. In many countries, however, the use of SARMs is prohibited, and it may be hard for you to access them. Buying SARMs powder online is the simplest and most affordable way.

On the internet, you can read more on the SARMs that you want to purchase. For instance, here you can read about the SARMs benefits, SARMs side effects, how to avoid SARMs side effects and anything else you would want to know concerning it. By the time you decide on purchasing it, you are already well armed with all the information on its use. And to make it even stress-free for you, all this information is available at the comfort of your home or office.

Online stores sell at a better price when compared to physical shops. The price of SARMs powder will be more affordable online because you are likely to get better deals. Additionally, you may get discounts for bulk purchases. Who doesn't love saving on an extra coin?

Did you know you could buy SARMs anonymously without everyone having to know about it? On the internet, you get to avoid the many questions that you may feel like are a bit embarrassing. Only you and the company know what is in your package and anyone else will see the muscles bulging.

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The world of SARMs is certainly a complicated one dominated by two very distinct sides.  On one side, SARMs are considered untested, experimental, and dangerous. On the other hand, the bodybuilding community continues to use them with confidence downplaying the supposedly dangerous side effects.

Compared with anabolic steroids, SARMs do seem to be a safer option given that they are selective in what they do in the body. Even if it appears that they have fewer side effects, long time effects are unknown, and this should be an important factor to consider when making a decision.

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