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Bodybuilding drug analysis series HGH artificial growth hormone hormone

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Modern bodybuilding if there is no HGH artificial growth hormonin, no matter how hardful! How to control diet and oxygen! Muscle is no way to reach the top state! Top levels! Therefore, HGH artificial growth hormones have a role in losing win to bodybuilder!

If the body's own secretion of hormones hgh is not large, the most obvious feature is to be easily hoarded, people look lack of vitality, appear with no fine, and dead.


In the history of medical, artificial growth hormones can be said to be the oldest hormones in history, and it is widely used, making the artificial growth hormones become the most common human use of hormones. At the beginning of 1960, manual growth hormones were first used in patients with gnomblemia. Later, it was used to resist aging, damaging fat, restored muscle strength and skin young.

And when people go to 60 years old, the growth of hormones in the body is only 20% of 20 years old! This is why there are so many middle and old ages who want to play long Holmon HGH! Because HGH growth hormones seem to be returning to spring medicine, it is now widely circulated growth hormone supplement therapy, referred to as HRT.


Most people mistakenly thought that when the growth of hormones; as long as they can be added. In fact, it is solved that it can't solve problems. It is important that in addition to seeing it has entered the liver, it is also used with other drugs to play the effect! Therefore, there is no effect in HGH artificial growth hormones.

So most of the bodybuilder usually uses the growth of Hormon HGH with insulin, CyTomel, and LT-3 and other drugs to achieve the maximization of the increase in increased muscle reduction, especially in addition, these three drugs are mixed together. The fatal fat effect is particularly prominent.

Since the current price of manual growth hormones hgh is very expensive, most manufacturers in the market are fake, and even if they buy genuine, they must pay attention to its preservation, avoid deterioration!

Finally, it emphasizes that the side effects of manual growth hormones HGH are different from steroids, which will cause changes in hypoglycemia and thyroid function. And it will lead to a shrinking gland in its own, and the organs in the body becomes large, causing so-called big belly. It will also cause changes in body shape, such as fingers, toes, joints, and easier identification is that the navel is large, and so on a series of symptoms!


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