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Can human growth hormone help children grow taller?

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A new study shows that some children who are below normal height can reach their potential genetic height through human growth hormone therapy.

However, experts remind that treatment should be carried out as soon as possible, and time is the most critical.

A study on the database information of many children receiving human growth hormone therapy in the world found that human growth hormone therapy can make most children's height reach or almost close to their potential genetic height, which is determined by the height of both parents.

A report published in the American Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and metabolism shows that, despite this, the report also mentions that some typical children are still lower than the standard height of their normal peers after treatment.

Starting treatment in infancy seems to be an important factor in success, and the rapid increase in height before puberty will directly affect the final height.

Artificial human growth hormone has been used to treat children who are below normal due to insufficient hormone secretion.

Many studies have found that although auxin therapy can help these children's height, the height of some typical children still does not reach the potential genetic height.

In recent years, treatment at a younger age has become a trend.

To find out whether this trend will lead to different results for children's final height, the researchers studied a large number of data recorded after human growth hormone treatment.

The database provides the "near adult" height of 1258 children from Europe, Japan, the United States and other regions.

These children have been treated for insufficient auxin secretion. Among them, the oldest boy is 17 years old and the oldest girl is 15 years old.

Among all children, teenagers whose height increases by 2 cm every year are considered to be close to the height of adults.

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