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Can women use testosterone?

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Can women use testosterone? More and more I hear people getting asked if women can use testosterone or not. It makes me laugh and it's idiotic to me in every single part of the way this is asked. Of course they can.

It depends obviously on the type of body you want. I see guys on forums "all you need primo and Anavar". This is wrong. Some of the most beautiful girls in the world, and I include figure models in this are using testosterone. I've given a list of a few photos so you can get the idea of the type of girls I'm talking about in this article, but to get a body like this does require testosterone usage.

Awhile back a friend of mine who is a female competitor had men all over her asking her out pestering her and she runs an adult website. She is a gorgeous girl and has been very successful.

Little do they know she is on 500MG every 5 days of testosterone and 400 of deca!

And you know what? This causes them little to no problems at all. Some of them still have a ridiculously feminine face, and perhaps a bit of a voice change. Hew are you gonna be a singer? I didn't think so! So not really that big of a deal is it?

Though I don't recommend any girl go to 500mg to start.

First off what are your goals? To lose weight, and have low body fat? If so, Test probably isn't for you. Do take a look at something like anavar etc.

However if your wanting to be a girl who lifts big weights, and looks muscular and sexy, one who can intimidate guys while keeping all of her feminine attributes, well this is for you!

A good starter cycle of testosterone would be the following.

250mg of test enanthate every 5 days for 12 weeks.

250mg is not ridiculously high, despite what you've been told. Yes, I'm sure a bunch of skinny dweeb guys will leave comments below saying how wrong this is, but it isn't.

You can expect to add a good 10-15lbs of muscle mass by doing this.


Strength will also sky rocket. As a general rule of thumb I think you will find yourselves extremely happy with this cycle. Some also use Anavar afterwards to bridge. Hell, I know a lot of people who use it all year round.


I'm just being honest with you here. I know all of you will have an ideal photo inside of what you want to look like and you need to do the things your idols are doing in order to look as good for obvious reasons.


Anyway, this was just a basic article and cycle because I was fed up of seeing so many people claiming women can't take testosterone, when 100s of thousands do every year. It's sickening.

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