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Development history of human growth hormone

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The first human growth hormone preparation used in medicine was made from human pituitary extract.

These are now commonly referred to as cadaveric human growth hormone preparations. Approximately 1 mg of hGH (1-day dose) can be obtained from each cadaver.

The first successful treatment of human cadaver human growth hormone was reported in 1958.718 these drugs were introduced to the market soon after and sold in the United States until 1985.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned their use in the year related to the development of Croix felter Jakob disease (CJD), a highly degenerative and ultimately fatal disease.

In many patients, brain disease. In special cases (usually involving blood transfusion or organ implantation), the disease can spread from one person to another and may be caused by human growth hormone extracted from infected cadavers.

The incubation period of CJD is very slow and is diagnosed within 4 to 30 years after treatment with corpse derived growth hormone.

As of 2004, it was estimated that at least 26 patients treated with cadaveric human growth hormone drugs in the United States were diagnosed with the disease.

719 the overall incidence rate of the disease is less than 1%, as 6000 patients have been reported to have received medical treatment.

FDA approved the first synthetic human growth hormone drug in 1985. The synthetic pure hormone has no biological pollution, which eliminates the possibility of CJD transmission.

The approval of the drug is called protropin, and based on the manufacturing technology 720 developed by Genentech in 1979, somatropine comes as an important moment for the FDA to remove GH from cadavers in the same year.

This hormone is actually a slight variant of human growth hormone protein, but shows the same biological characteristics as natural hormones.

Protopin was initially very successful because it was the first synthetic human growth hormone product. However, by 1987, kabi Vitrum (Sweden) had published a method for producing pure synthetic growth hormone, which has the exact amino acid sequence of endogenous growth hormone.

721 also found that the unnatural structure of somatrem leads to a much higher incidence of antibody reactions in patients, which can reduce drug efficacy.

722 growth hormone will be regarded as a more reliable drug and will dominate the global market in a few years.

Today, although somatorem products are still on sale, growth hormone still accounts for the vast majority of global hGH sales.

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