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Dianabol: Immediate Oral Steroids

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There are a lot of friends who have consulted Dianabol recently. A large part of them are senior bodybuilders who have been training for many years but are in a stagnant period, and many are fitness coaches.

This article has relisted some common sense and precautions about Dianabol for everyone. Whether you are in the consideration stage or have decided to start using it, please read it carefully.

Methandrostenolone is an anabolic steroid (AAS) developed in 1957. Famous bodybuilders all over the world have used the drug, including the godfather of bodybuilding: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Anonymous user: "It will make your block avatar grow bigger like a weed, and you will soon feel as strong as a gorilla."


But how does it do it?

1. Increase the content of testosterone in the body: Dianabol is a derivative of testosterone, so its most direct effect is to increase the content of testosterone in the user's body.

I believe that for readers of goat fitness, the important role of testosterone (testosterone) does not need to be repeated.

2. Keep muscles with more nitrogen: This means that your body can convert most of the protein into muscles.

Fitness exercises need to be supplemented with enough or even a large amount of protein. Even the white little white knows this. But the problem is not that the protein in our stomachs will be converted into muscles. Dianabol can easily help us improve. Utilization rate.


Here are the top ten benefits of Dianabol

1. Increase the content of free testosterone in the body (more testosterone = more muscle)

2. Promote protein synthesis (more protein synthesis = build more muscle)

3. Increase nitrogen retention (better pump feeling and faster recovery)

4. Increase red blood cell production (stronger oxygen utilization capacity and stronger ability to adapt to hard training)

5. Promote weight loss (basic characteristics of androgens)

6. Increase glycogen breakdown (release glucose and increase energy level during training)

7. Enhance metabolism (users can eat more food without increasing body fat)

8. Increase strength level (greater appetite and appetite and higher androgen levels naturally bring greater strength)

9. Reduce fatigue (one of the characteristics of androgens, you can practice longer and be more happy)

10. Accelerate recovery (one of the androgens, but also due to the increase in nutrient intake and utilization, you can overcome weaknesses and areas you want to practice more frequently in a short period of time)

How long will I see the effect?

Due to differences in individual subjective and objective factors, some people can feel the above effects within the first week, while some people say at least 2 weeks or more.

But no matter how long the specific effective period is, when you start using Dianabol, we recommend that you maintain active training and a clean diet.

Typical weight gain data reference for Dianabol cycle:

1 week: 3~6 catties

2 weeks: 7~11 catties

4 weeks: 14~19 catties

8 weeks: 25~33 kg

You may grow longer than these reference data, or you may grow relatively less. This principle is the same as your training gains when you have natural hormone levels. It depends on many subjective and objective factors.

In addition, during the cycle of using Dianabol, the body will increase some water. Don't worry about this condition. This will help strengthen strength and protect joints.

When you end the Dianabol cycle, these waters will be lost naturally. That is to say, when you end the use, your body will lose about 10-20% of your body weight. Don’t feel nervous about losing weight. These are not real. Muscles are just excess water.


Side effects of Dianabol (depending on individual conditions and specific use)

Water storage: It may be slightly bloated during use, such as the face looks slightly fat

Gynecomastia: It is necessary to have anti-estrogen drugs during use, otherwise this symptom will appear on the chest

Hypertension (notice for those with medical history): Increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and chest pain

Acne: pimples may appear on the face and back, but individual differences are large

Male baldness: If there is family inheritance, this symptom will be more pronounced (personal opinion: bald head is handsome)

Liver damage: eat more foods and supplements that are beneficial to the liver and protect the liver

Infertility: If the cycle is too long or the PCT is not followed up in time, the user may lose the ability to produce testosterone

Sleep problems: Individuals express differently

Testicular atrophy: depends on the period of use, just follow up the recovery method in time

Increased aggressiveness: the inherent characteristics of androgens (be sure to pay attention to the control of daily emotions)

Increased body hair: Individual expressions are different

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