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Chemical Name: EQUIBOLIN 250

Dosage: 250mg/ml x 10ml multi doses vial and 250ml/ml x 1ml single dose ampoule.

Androgen Index 50

Anabolic Index 100

Maternal category Testosterone

Low estrogen activity

Progestogen activity No data available (low)

Active half-life 14 days

Sources of Boldenone

Boldenone undecanoate is most commonly recognized under the trade name Bldenone Undecylenate, Boldenone is an injectable veterinary steroid with strong anabolic and moderate androgenic properties. Undecanoate greatly prolongs the drug's activity (undecanoate is only one carbon atom longer than caprate) Bodybuilders appreciate the drug's balanced anabolic and androgenic properties, and they generally view it as a Deka is stronger and more androgen replacement. It is less expensive than a dai card and can replace a dai card in most cycles without drastically changing the end result. Boldenone is also commonly prescribed as a drug to increase red blood cell production. There are trace amounts of Boldenone naturally in the human body. The development of Boldenone is actually evolved from Dianabol, which removes the liver toxicity of Dianabol. Boldenone itself is derived from 5-Alpha-Reduce to DihydroBoldenone, the well-known 1T, and 1T is then methylated by 17-Alpha to derive the oral Methyl-1-Testosterone, the more famous M1T.

Boldenone muscle building principle

Boldenone is a derivative of testosterone (testosterone is derived from Dianabol, which in turn is derived from Boldenone) and thus inherits most of the properties of testosterone, such as androgenic abilities and protein synthesis. Boldenone keeps the nitrogen balance of muscle fiber cells tending to be positive at any time, so that muscle fiber cells accelerate protein synthesis, and muscle fiber cells expand and expand accordingly.

Boldenone effect

Boldenone's structure is slightly different from that of testosterone, and therefore exhibits different effects.

Mainly: increase muscle strength, highlight blood vessels, increase appetite, and dehydrate. Since most of the Boldenone products currently on sale are Boldenone Undecanoate (EQ), its decomposition and onset are too slow, resulting in many of the above. The characteristics are not easy to manifest; and Boldenone acetate (BoldA) is too violent to feel very uncomfortable (over-analyzing water); and Equilon, a mixture with strong enough effect and easy to tolerate use, has a smaller dose and is on the market. It's extremely rare, which is a pity.

The main side effects and protection of Boldenone

Boldenone side effects are similar to those of testosterone, but they are less common and milder than testosterone. Breast enlargement and development. Boldenone can be converted into estrogen (the conversion rate is about 50% of testosterone) to cause this side effect. Tamoxifen can be used as a protective agent at 10 mg per day orally (1T and M1T have no such side effect)2 "Boldenone" is the transliteration of Boldenone (usually Undecylenate undecyl (ene) acid esterification) in China and sometimes translated as "Boldenone". In fact, the names of all compounds are not the official chemical "Boldenone". The name is also derived from the chemical expression of Boldenone: "1,4-androstadiene-3-one,17b-ol" is also often written as "17b-ol1,4-androstadiene-3-one" and the chemical "Boldenone" The name comes from the chemical expression "17b-ol1,4-androstadiene-3-one" (a bit like a tongue twister? Haha) "Boldenone" should be split into 3 parts: "Bol-den-one" where "Bol" comes from The "den" in the middle of the "17b-ol" part at the beginning of "17b-ol1,4-androstadiene-3-one" comes from the "1,4-androstadiene" (that is, the famous prohormone: 1,4 Dehydromethyltestosterone - 1,4AD which can be converted to Boldenone) and the last "one" is of course from the "3-one" in the chemical expression if you are a little interested in chemical names and If you are patient then I can tell you more interesting facts about this but if you are not interested and impatient then you can skim the red text below. . . . . . Let's look at another thing, a well-known thing - Dianabol ("Dianabol" or "D-bol"). The chemical formula of Dianabol is: 17a-methyl-17b-ol1,4-androstadiene-3-one, which is Isn't it very similar to the chemical formula of Boldenone? 17b-ol1,4-androstadiene-3-one, it can be seen that Dianabol has a "methyl" on the basis of Boldenone (17a-methyl - meaning "" The methyl group at the 17alpha position of the carbon chain") but in fact this statement is inaccurate because -- the opposite! To be precise, it should be: "Boldenone is one less methyl group than Dianabol" Why should I say that? Because Boldenone was originally created to produce "injectable, non-toxic Dianabol" Dianabol was a popular steroid at the time. "17aa" product (methyl at the 17alpha position of the carbon chain) so it poisons the liver. To solve this problem people removed the methyl group of Dianabol and added an undecanoate chain in the hope of getting an "injectable free" The product of this transformation is the current Boldenone. However, Boldenone did not become an "injectable Dianabol" as it hoped because the characteristics of the two are quite different compared with Dianabol. . . . . . For example, Dianabol stores water and Boldenone dehydrates Dianabol to DHT while Boldenone does not. . Wait, wait, etc. The product of a failed experiment turned out to be another powerful steroid with a lot of powerful properties. . . . . . So what are the powerful properties of Boldenone? It seems that we have been entangled in the question of the name for too long? NO. If you look closely, you can already see many characteristics from its name. For example: the key "den" field represents the "1,4-androstadiene" part. This part indicates that Boldenone is a testosterone derivative (or "" Dehydromethyltestosterone "derivative") so it has similar properties and potency to testosterone. In fact, a large number of research projects have also proved this point. Boldenone has similar properties to testosterone, and its anabolic capabilities are basically equivalent to testosterone. However, because "1,4-androstadiene" adds a bond to the 1 and 4 chains of the original testosterone carbon chain, Boldenone has some properties that are different from testosterone. In fact, these properties distinguish Boldenone from all other Steroids you can compare

Testosterone molecular structure: Illustration: (middle)

Boldenone molecular structure: Illustration: (middle)

It is this small difference that gives Boldenone its many properties:

Main properties of Boldenone

1. The first is "moderate androgenic effect". We once said in the article analyzing testosterone that testosterone has a strong "androgenic" effect in addition to its strong anabolic (muscle-building, strength) effect. (This is a natural normal male can only secrete 2.5-11mg of testosterone per day. If its androgenic effect is not strong will not allow us to maintain male characteristics) Theoretically, the androgenic effect of Boldenone Only about 50% of testosterone. This still seems strong? But remember that the so-called "testosterone has strong androgenic side effects" is basically caused by the conversion of testosterone to DHT through the 5AR enzyme and because Boldenone has an extra The carbon bond makes it difficult to convert Boldenone into DHT (in fact, Boldenone will be converted into "dihydroboldenone" after 5AR - dihydroboldenone is an extremely powerful steroid whose anabolic ability is actually 7 of that of testosterone. twice as much! But this amount of conversion is so small that it basically doesn't work That's great news to interpret! Because too much androgenicity in the steroid cycle actually only gets us in trouble and we have to think about taking steps to ward off DHT nuisances, protect hair and prostate, and prevent body hair from growing. Therefore, Boldenone is also one of the few steroids that can be used for women. Basically, women will not experience androgenization (thick voice, facial hair) at a dose of 50100mg per week.

2•Secondly, the "low conversion rate" is obviously also due to the unique double bond of Boldenone, which makes the conversion rate of aromatase to Boldenone sharply reduced. The conversion rate of Boldenone is about 50% of that of testosterone. Maybe you are thinking again: "Damn, there is still a 50% female conversion rate, why can't it be controlled to 0%?" In fact, such a low female conversion rate will only bring benefits, and the disadvantages are few and very small. The estrogen can enhance immunity while maintaining bone density (don't forget that calcium will be slowly lost due to the intake of a lot of protein during bodybuilding training) and Boldenone's 50% conversion rate (don't forget this But the theoretical value is due to the effect of the double carbon bond. In fact, the real conversion rate of Boldenone will only be lower than this), which provides a near-perfect concentration of estrogen, so that you can hardly think about the problem of anti-estrogen. Enjoying the benefits of a small amount of estrogen (even at a crazy dose of 1000mg per week with only occasional hiccups like two acne breakouts...)

3. "Strongly increase blood oxygen supply and highlight venous blood vessels" Almost all steroids can increase blood oxygen supply. The principle is to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells and increase the speed of the body's production of red blood cells. Boldenone is this. One of the strongest is that its ability to increase the rate at which the body makes red blood cells is much stronger than other steroids, so Boldenone is also used to treat "anemia of origin" (using Boldenone to make the patient's body rapidly produce Red blood cells to get rid of anemia) It is worth reminding that this ability to "improve blood oxygen supply" should be said to be the advantage of Boldenone (after the oxygen supply capacity increases, the explosive power and endurance of muscles will increase. Many users of Boldenone are I feel that the strength is obviously improved) but this advantage may also be overused and turned into a disadvantage, that is, "overtraining". Do not overtrain because you feel that the strength will recover quickly, or it should be under the premise of ensuring sufficient intensity Control the training to less than 1 hour or even shorter. Don't change your original plan from "training once a day" to "training twice a day" because of strength and rapid recovery, otherwise you may encounter the trouble of "overtraining" In addition, Boldenone can also be very strong in protruding veins. This feature is similar to "NO" nitric oxide, which other steroids do not have. If you feel that the appearance of thin skin and tender meat is not "strong" enough, then try Boldenone. Well it will give you hideous veins. . . . . .

4•"Strongly increase appetite", this feature is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, in order to gain muscle, of course, you should eat more. If there is something that can increase your appetite, of course it is good, but on the other hand, if you eat too much, the calories will inevitably get out of control. ----Fat. . . . . . will become a big problem. . . . . . In this regard, you are probably full of confidence and thought: "Cut... What's so difficult about this, I am absolutely confident that I can control it!" So it seems that it is necessary to increase the strength of this appetite. Make an accurate description——"Crazy"! Yes, it is still "Crazy" and then you will weigh it yourself. . . . . . Speaking of which, there are two steroids that have this appetite-stimulating ability, Boldenone and Anadrol ("Oxymetholone" also known as "Anadrol50") when the manufacturer of Anadrol promoted Anadrol back then said: "This product can be very good. Increase appetite" It was later confirmed that Anadrol did increase appetite at low doses, but at normal doses (100mg per day for muscle building purposes) Anadrol would seriously suppress appetite. This is a big joke. . . . . . 5. The feature of "water separation" can also be said to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, because the conversion rate of Boldenone to female is very low, Boldenone neither increases fat nor stores water, and can even store the excess energy stored in the body. A lot of water is released from the body to make the muscles tight and firm, and the lines are clear. This should be good news, right? But on the other hand, the ability to release water is a little too much, especially in the position of the joints, which may cause the joints to be too dry and a little bit during training. Pain, especially when you have old injuries on the joints, of course, this level of pain should be bearable. It needs to be reminded that there is a "classic" stacking method of Boldenone circulating on the Internet: Boldenone and Boldenone are combined with Stanozolol (Winstrol) superposition The use of this superposition is specially used to absorb water and fat, which can maximize the prominence of lines and veins but at the cost of severe pain in the joints. Because Stanozolol is a stronger hydrous steroid in addition to Boldenone hydrolysis, and because Stanozolol is a DHT product, it will reduce estrogen in the body, causing bone loss in joints and aggravating joint pain, so please think carefully before deciding whether to use it. Although this superposition can strongly highlight the lines, the cost is the "severe pain" of the joints, especially brothers with old joint injuries, be careful not to only see "strong fat burning, strong water collection, and prominent lines". Words of beauty.

How to use Boldenone

Suggested use Active time: 2 weeks Effective dose: 200-600mg/week (male) Effective dose: 50-100mg/week (female)

Injection cycle: once a week

Metabolic clearance time: 6 months

Anabolic: Equivalent to Testosterone Androgenicity: 50% of Testosterone

Active half-life: 14 days

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