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CAS No : 434-03-7
Molecular formula : C21H28O2
Molecular weight : 312.45
Appearance : Off-white crystalline powder
Assay : 99%
Delivery time : 7-10 working days door to door
Minimum order : 50g
Supply ability : 100kg
Quality standard : Pharmaceutical grade

What is Ethisterone?

Ethisterone is described as a relatively weak progestogen, similarly to its analogue dimethisterone. It is a progestin, or a synthetic progestogen and belongs to Testosterone.

Applications of Ethisterone

Ethisterone is a synthetic progestogen steroid hormone. Ethisterone was the first orally bioavailable progestin hormone used as a contraceptive but has since been replaced by newer hormones. Ethisterone has been used to make derivatives of anti-androgenic conjugates. Ethisterone is a progestogen hormone being considered to treat prostate cancer.

The function of Ethisterone is similar progesterone. It's used for the treatment of sub-camp bleeding or menorrhagia, can also be used to prevent threatened abortion and habitual  abortion. It is a progestogen that counteracts estrogenic proliferative effects on the endometrium.


Ethisterone Dosage

5-25mg, 3 times a day orally. Sublingual administration, a 10-20mg, 2-3 times a day. An allergic reaction should be immediately discontinued.

Side Effects of  Ethisterone

May cause mild vomiting, nausea. May cause women to advance or delay the next menstruation.


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