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Frequently Asked Questions about Growth Hormone HGH

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1. How to deal with the bulging of the drug into the skin when injecting growth hormone

Answer: When injecting growth hormone, because the injection angle is too small, the medicine is injected into the skin into a small bag, so there is no need to deal with it, so that the skin can absorb the medicine by itself. It will not affect the growth hormone effect and cause no harm to the body. When the growth hormone is injected, the correct angle of injection is 45 degrees, and the injection is subcutaneously

2. How to deal with bleeding at the injection site after injection of growth hormone

Answer: When the syringe is pulled out and there is only extracutaneous bleeding at the needle eye, it means that the small capillaries of the skin are stuck during the injection; there is no need to strain, it will not cause any harm to the body, and it will not affect the growth hormone effect. Use a warm towel to compress, and avoid subcutaneous bleeding in the next injection of growth hormone


3. What are the most serious side effects of using growth hormone?

Answer: Growth hormone is very safe. There are no so-called serious side effects. A small number of users will experience edema and pain at the local injection site when they first use it. Generally, they will disappear naturally when they continue to use it. It may appear when used in ultra-high doses. Acromegaly

4. Will long-term use of growth hormone cause tumors?

Answer: A lot of medical research has been done abroad. The medical literature data shows that the incidence of tumors after the use of growth hormone is 2 to 3 per 100,000, which is equivalent to the incidence of the normal population, and there is no significant difference, indicating that the use of growth hormone will not cause tumors.

5. Due to the low temperature during growth hormone injection, will it cause pain or numbness after injection (common in autumn/winter)?

Answer: When injecting growth hormone, take it out of the refrigerator 30 minutes in advance, and warm it with your hands; the pain may be caused by the fast injection speed, so the injection should be slow; if the sharp pain is stimulated by the injection to the peripheral nerves of the skin, the needle can be removed at this time to change the injection site

6. Will long-term use of growth hormone cause diabetes?

Answer: Growth hormone does not cause diabetes. But growth hormone may cause a transient increase in blood sugar, friends with a history of family diabetes should use caution

7. Will injection of growth hormone affect its own growth hormone secretion function?

Answer: It will not affect at all. The secretion of growth hormone is related to the hypothalamic-pituitary growth axis. Injection of growth hormone will not cause hypothalamic-pituitary growth axis function

8. Joint pain or muscle pain occurs after a period of injection

Answer: It may appear after strenuous exercise or sudden increase in exercise volume. It should be done step by step; or it may be caused by the excessively strong physiological effect of growth hormone water and sodium storage. Those with mild pain do not need to deal with it. Symptoms disappear after a few days. You can reduce the dose of growth hormone or stop the drug for two days

9. Will growth hormone therapy affect fertility?

Answer: Because growth hormone is secreted by the normal human body itself, it is necessary for human growth and development; for women in the reproductive period, growth hormone has the effect of promoting ovulation; for men in the reproductive period, growth hormone has the effect of promoting sperm maturation. influences

10. What is hypothyroidism? How to deal with hypothyroidism when using growth hormone

Answer: Oral T3 can be used to balance, and thyroid function will return to normal after stopping growth hormone

11. When using growth hormone, the calf and ankle appear edema, what should I do if I press a pit

Answer: This is the symptom of edema: edema of the back of the hands, insteps, and lower extremities; if you can tolerate it, continue to use growth hormone, and the symptoms will disappear within 3-7 days; if you can't tolerate it, you need to reduce the dose of growth hormone or stop the drug, after the symptoms disappear Resume medication

12. Why is every injection point two centimeters apart from the previous injection point when injecting growth hormone?

Answer: Injecting growth hormone can locally degrade subcutaneous fat, especially the fat in the abdomen and intestinal omentum, which is sensitive to catecholamine-mediated lipolysis. (For example, the increase in GHD subcutaneous fat is especially the accumulation of abdominal fat. After growth hormone treatment, it can make the abdomen Fat ablation), if the same point is injected for a long time, subcutaneous induration can occur

13. Does growth hormone need to be stopped during cold treatment?

Answer: General cold medicine does not affect the effect of growth hormone

14. Will forgetting to inject growth hormone one day affect the effect? Do you want to make up for the missed amount?

Answer: Occasionally forgetting to inject growth hormone for 1 day will not affect it, and there is no need to make up the missed dose; try to avoid interrupting the medicine

15. How long does it take for growth hormone to be effective?

Answer: Growth hormone generally needs to be used continuously for more than 3 months

16. Reasons for the poor effect of using growth hormone

Answer: a. Insufficient dose of growth hormone; b. Antibody to growth hormone powder

17. Redness, swelling, pain, fever, and itching at the injection site, ranging in size from peanuts to eggs

Answer: a. The purity of growth hormone is very high, and allergic reactions will not occur; b. The above situations are mostly caused by allergies to disinfection methods such as alcohol or iodophor. The solution is to change the disinfection method that is not allergic.

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