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HGH supplier:What is human growth hormone

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Another translation of human growth hormone is human growth hormone. Another Chinese translation of "hormone" is also called "hormone". In short, they mean to make cells "work".

There are billions of cells in the human body. How do these billions of cells act together in the body? The human body performs millions of operations in its cells every second.

How do these operations be completed? It turns out that they are completed under the command and help of hormones.

Hormones, these tiny chemical "heralds", keep flowing in the blood.

Once they arrive at their destination, they attach to the surface of the target cells in the region (the "receptors" of the cells) and stimulate their special dynamic effects, ranging from sexual function to reproduction, growth, metabolism, thinking and emotion, It varies according to the hormones.

Different hormones are secreted by different endocrine glands in the human body.

The main endocrine glands in the human body are: pituitary, thyroid, adrenal gland, pancreas, ovary and testis.

Among them, the pituitary gland is placed in the middle of the brain, commonly known as the "main gland", because it controls the release of many other important hormones in the human body.

The largest amount of hormone secreted by pituitary gland is human growth hormone.

Among all hormones secreted by human beings, human growth hormone is the General Commander, that is, it sends instructions to various tissues, organs and cells of the human body, commands tens of billions of cells and maintains the normal operation of the human body.

Scientists have found that the human body secretes the most vigorous human growth hormone in fast-growing infants and adolescents, from which the name "human growth hormone" comes; Most of the daily secretion of human auxin is released in the form of pulses in the early period of deep sleep. Therefore, as the saying goes, "people develop and grow in sleep" is such a truth.

Human growth hormone secretion decreases with age, about 15% from 12 to 31, and less than half before 60. At present, the daily secretion of hGH is known. Young people aged 20 reach the peak of about 500 micrograms, only 200 micrograms at the age of 60, and only 25 micrograms at the age of 80. The law of human auxin secretion changing with age shows that aging begins after the age of 30.

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