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How much can a novice grow on steroid powders for the first time?

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Growth with steroid powders depends entirely on your personal training, diet, sleep, physique, type of medication, and many other factors.
It's not that you can grow like crazy with steroid powders, if you can grow like crazy with drugs, everyone can be a champion bodybuilder.

And the use of steroids also depends on the combination of the cycle plan and the risk reduction in the steroid plan.
To customize a steroid powders plan according to your own situation, you cannot use drugs blindly. Wrong use will not only fail to achieve growth, but also may cause irreversible damage to the body.

Of course if the steroid powders are used correctly and in sufficient doses, the first cycle can bring very significant gains to the user.
Although everyone's situation is different, it's common to gain 40 pounds or more through an 8-12 week cycle.
Of course there is some water in it, but 25-30 pounds of muscle gain is still realistic.
What is the difference between bodybuilding AI anti-female and SERMS anti female?

Compared with SERMS anti-estrogen, AI type anti-estrogen has the advantage that AI type anti-estrogen has stronger effect, is applicable to the whole body, has little effect on anabolic effects, and also has little effect on blood lipids.
SERMS are anti-estrogens, with fast onset of action, but will have an impact on anabolic effects, and the scope of anti-estrogens is limited to breast and brain glands.
However, it does not mean that SERMS cannot be used.
The correct approach should be used in combination with the two to achieve the most perfect protective measures.

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