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How soon can I see the effects of HGH?

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On this question, many people ask, but people do not have a real sure answer.

HGH has become very popular in recent years because it provides various benefits. He can quickly lose fat, resist aging, increase muscle mass, improve sleep quality, and recover faster after training. But no one talks about how long it will take effect, everyone just says it takes longer, but no one talks about time, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, etc.


So I’m going to explain now. First of all, HGH cannot be regarded as a kind of special medicine, such as burning fat, gaining muscle, making you younger, etc... It may take weeks or even months to really work. So before you start, you must understand that if you are an impatient person and want to have this effect immediately, then HGH is not for you.

It may not satisfy you immediately, but so many people use it for a reason, because it really works! But the premise is that the quality you use is good. So HGH provides many positive changes to your health and overall life, so you will undoubtedly wonder how long it will take effect. And I will explain when you will see the various benefits.

We start with fat loss, because this is the reason many people want to use it.

It is one of the strongest drugs used to reduce fat. Many people ask me whether HGH can reduce fat. The answer is: YES! A study in a 1990 New Zealand medical journal showed that after a few months of using HGH, participants had a 14% reduction in body fat rate and an 8.8% increase in lean muscle mass. There was also a study conducted by the Endocrine Society in 1999. The results It was shown that the use of HGH reduced the body fat rate by 13% and increased the lean body mass by 4%. The same study also found that the fat burning effect of HGH was twice that of testosterone. You may notice the loss of fat in just a few months, but research shows that it takes several months before you see its powerful fat-burning effect. So be psychologically prepared. It takes time to see the effect. If you are expecting one or two weeks, then you will be disappointed.


About gaining muscle

HGH does not have the amazing anabolic ability of steroids, but it does help you increase your muscles indirectly. If you recover faster and increase IGF-1, you may see muscle tissue changes in the second month after use. These changes become more obvious when you use HGH to burn fat.

About healing

This is why some athletes like it. Especially in baseball, it has the best example of accelerated healing. In 2010, a Danish study showed that HGH can treat damaged ligaments and tendons six times faster. Because HGH increases collagen, it can also accelerate the recovery of fractures and back injuries. It takes time to treat injuries and it is difficult to determine a specific timetable. But HGH clearly helps you recover much faster than natural recovery, I can't say how fast. Assuming you have a cruciate ligament rupture, it takes 12 months to recover. I can't say that HGH only takes 8 months and 2 days, but I can tell you that it can help you heal faster.

Increased energy

Many HGH users feel an increase in energy and endurance. Generally you should start to feel more energetic after 1-2 weeks. In summary, the benefits of HGH include fat loss, muscle gain, improvement of sleep quality, faster recovery from training, and increased energy.

About the skin

Because many people use HGH to improve their skin, everyone knows that HGH has anti-aging effects, but you will not look 20 years younger just because you use HGH. But as time goes by, your appearance will definitely improve. HGH can regenerate your skin cells, so that you can restore the thickness and firmness of your skin. It can prevent subcutaneous wrinkles and sagging. After 2-3 months of use, you should notice that your skin is firmer and reduce possible cellulite and signs of aging after 4-6 months.


Sleep quality

Sufficient HGH levels can help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. This will be a cycle, because deep sleep allows the body to produce more natural internal growth hormone. If you have problems with rest, using HGH can help you get a better quality of sleep, and you can realize this benefit after using it for a few weeks.

Improve mood

Low growth hormone is related to mild mood swings and poor cognition. This problem can be solved by using HGH to restore growth hormone levels and help maintain positive emotions. Studies have shown that nearly 20 patients have used HGH for six weeks, which has greatly improved Their emotional and cognitive abilities.

So the question is, are these benefits worth the wait?

The benefits I mentioned may take weeks to months. A lot depends on your body size, dosage, etc... Even if you use high dosages, you can't expect the effects to happen overnight. So you will think that these values are not worth the wait, it is definitely worth the wait! Especially when considering that HGH can do things that cannot happen naturally within a reasonable time frame.

Over time, your body also produces very few hormones, which makes your fat burning more difficult, increasing muscles more difficult, more difficult to fall asleep, more difficult to recover and cure, more difficult to maintain mood, growth hormone can help You maintain a healthy life and stay young as you age. When you feel young, especially if you don’t use bodybuilding as a purpose, you just look and feel younger, which is why it is called the fountain of youth. , It also provides powerful benefits in exercise, such as: more IGF-1 is produced, more muscles are added, faster recovery, and fat burning.

Patience is the key. As long as you are willing to wait, you can truly appreciate its benefits, and you don't have to wait for a lifetime. This is what you have to understand.

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