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How to extract and store human growth hormone

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How to provide human growth hormone

Human growth hormone is most commonly found in multi dose vials containing white lyophilized powder and needs to be reconstituted with sterile or bacteriostatic water before use.

The dose can vary from less than 1mg to 24mg or more per bottle.

Growth hormone can also be used as a stable premixed solution (nutropin AQ), which is biologically equivalent to recombinant growth hormone.

Structural characteristics of human growth hormone:

Growth hormone is a human growth hormone protein produced by recombinant DNA technology.

It has 191 amino acid residues and a molecular weight of 22125 daltons. Its structure is the same as that of human growth hormone of pituitary origin.


Don't freeze. Obtain storage information according to the packaging instructions. Refrigeration (2 º to 8 º C, 35 º to 46 º f) may be required before and after reconstruction.

Side effects (general):

The most common adverse reactions to growth hormone therapy were joint pain, headache, flu like symptoms, peripheral edema (water retention) and back pain.

Less common adverse reactions include nasal mucosal inflammation (rhinitis), dizziness, upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, skin tingling or numbness, reduced tactile sensitivity, systemic edema, nausea, bone pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chest pain, depression, male and female breasts, hypothyroidism and insomnia.

The abuse of growth hormone may lead to diabetes, acromegaly (bone thickening, the most obvious is the foot, forehead, hands, mandible and elbows), and the expansion of internal organs.

Due to the growth promoting effect of human growth hormone, this drug should not be used by individuals with active or recurrent cancer.

Side effects (impaired glucose tolerance):

Growth hormone can reduce insulin sensitivity and increase blood glucose level. This may occur in individuals who have no pre-existing diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance.

Side effects (injection site)

Subcutaneous administration of growth hormone may cause redness, itching or caking at the injection site.

It may also lead to local reduction of adipose tissue, which may be complicated by repeated administration at the same injection site.

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