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How to get steroid powders

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What are steroid powders?

The vast majority of people are exposed to the yellow oily liquid in Xilin bottles, or tablets. It's uncomfortable to take these things into your body at first glance.

Where do steroid powders come from and go? Today we will tell you from the source.

First of all, we have to start with an ancient Chinese medicine, Dioscorea [sh ǔ yù]。

This plant was first used as a traditional Chinese medicine to treat waist and leg pain, muscle and bone numbness, traumatic injury and cough.

It is widely grown in Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang. The root system of this plant is developed. It is the root system of this plant that people can extract a saponin [Z à o d à I]. This strange extract is the precursor of steroids.

The structure of diosgenin contains the rudiment of tetracyclic steroid powders, and the human androgen testosterone is the steroidal structure.

This saponin is extracted, and then through different chemical reactions, it finally becomes our crystal powder - high-purity steroids.

Steroid powders are a kind of chemical structure. All steroids are based on this structure. Various steroids are formed by the difference of some groups in the structure of steroids.

Steroid powders come from plant extracts

China's Dioscorea has good quality and mature extraction and production technology, so most (70%) of the powder in the world is exported from China.

The domestic powder was sent to the United States and Europe by express, so foreigners pulled a team and set up an underground laboratory to make steroids in a rigorous and hygienic way.

The production process seems very simple and transparent abroad. Here is a general mention: benzyl alcohol, methyl benzoate, soybean oil, steroid powders.

Don't mention the ratio. It's available online. If you are interested, use Google to search. General production process: heat, dissolve, filter, disinfect and remove foreign matters.

Then it can be sold after simple packaging. The main ways are online forums, social networking sites, or direct offline outlets. A friend told me that if he wanted to buy steroids, he could easily buy them a few blocks away.

This is steroid powders. Let me summarize it for you. Plant extracts - different chemical reactions - high purity white crystalline powder - laboratory processing - finished steroids.

Having said so much, there is no brand in the underground industry of steroids.

When choosing products, we must be optimistic about word-of-mouth and choose products from clean and hygienic sources.

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