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How to use steroid powders correctly for fitness crowd?

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Steroids should be used step by step

For novices who seek to improve their exercise performance, steroid powders are generally the simplest superposition. Simplicity does not mean weak effect. This simplest c can meet the needs of many athletes throughout their sports career.

There are three drugs you need: two steroid powders and a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator). One is the core of steroids and SERM, and the other is oral steroid powders. Steroids are available or not. The whole plan lasted 17 weeks, 12 weeks and pct5 weeks.

No drugs were arranged in the 13th and 14th weeks, because the above C was designed around testosterone heptanate te.

You need to wait a few weeks for it to be excreted before starting tamoxifen Nolvadex. Sometimes it is extended to three weeks after the last testosterone injection.

If dianabol is vigorously supplemented, the effect of increasing strength and circumference is very fast, and the progress will slow down in the next few weeks.

But we can't stop taking the medicine. You need to continue injecting testosterone to adapt your body to the growth and maintain these muscles.

Introduce each sterol drug:

Testosterone enanthate raw powders

If there is no testosterone enanthate raw powders, it can be replaced by basically the same testosterone enanthate raw powders. The use method is to inject 500 mg once a week or 250 mg twice a week, such as once a week and once on Thursday.

The second method is the best, but the effect of the two methods is not very different. Testosterone is the basis for the use of steroid cycles and brings the most benefits.

Drostanolone powder

Take it every day for the first six weeks. You can either take it once or divide the whole dose into two times. The effect is better, such as 30 mg in the morning, 20 mg in the evening, or reverse the order. In the process of increasing testosterone in the body, vigorous tonic can quickly increase strength and circumference.

Nandrolone powder

Nandrolone powder will suppress their own testosterone secretion. After stopping C, tamoxifen Nolvadex can stimulate its own testosterone secretion.

By stimulating the release of LH luteinizing hormone and FSH follicle stimulating hormone, the testis begins to secrete testosterone again.

PCT with tamoxifen Nolvadex will not bring you directly back to normal level. No PCT can do this, but it can accelerate the recovery process.

Testosterone enanthate raw powders and tonic will be aromatized, resulting in increased estrogen. Possible side effects include bitch milk, water storage, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

If the nipple hurts during medication, you can use 10 mg of tamoxifen every day. If it doesn't work, you have to use aromatase inhibitors, such as anastrozole Arimidex or letrozole, either 0.5 mg every other day.

In addition, if your diet is clean enough, water storage can also be avoided. Water storage is generally caused by wanting to get bigger and eating too much carbon water. Eating a clean diet is also good for blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You should also eat enough omega-3 fatty acids.

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