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Human Growth Hormone Can Make You Younger

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Dr. Kratz pointed out that in another 30 years, a 105-year-old might be like a 65-year-old today, and a 65-year-old might be like a 35-year-old today. A human life span of 120 years will no longer be uncommon.

Scientists have found that human growth hormone secretion decreases with age, about 15% from the age of 12 to 31, and less than half of the original before the age of 60.

It is currently known that the daily secretion of HGH is about 500 micrograms for young people in their 20s, only 200 micrograms for 60-year-olds, and only 25 micrograms for 80-year-olds.

It is pointed out that human aging is actually a disease caused by the lack of HGH.

As long as the active peptide is used to stimulate and activate the pituitary gland to restore the function of secreting HGH, the human body will appear rejuvenated.

Human growth hormone promotes bone development

HGH promotes the development and maturity of L-child cells, bones, muscles and various organs. After the age of 30, due to the decrease in HGH secretion, our youth begins to disappear gradually.

Dr. Terry, MD (Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, neuroendocrinologist, colleague and friend of Dr. Hahnemann) and Dr. Chen Meng (rehabilitation physiotherapist), did a large-scale clinical study in the two years from 1994 to 1996.

There are more than 800 people, including some film and television stars and famous entrepreneurs.

The most doctors account for 20% of the total number of people, and the treatment effect is 100%.

Human Growth Hormone May Slow Aging

For more than ten years, scientists have also done many various clinical studies, including double-blind clinical trials, and obtained different data, which proves Dr. Hahnemann's conclusion: human growth hormone has the effect of reversing aging.

On the basis of a large number of clinical experimental data studied for more than ten years, Dr. Kratz listed the following significant functions of human growth hormone.

It can rejuvenate the skin and bones, regenerate the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and other organs, and restore the functions of organs and tissues to the level of youth.

It makes people rejuvenate the spirit of youth and re-taste the tasteful life.

The latest research also shows that DNA.HGH has a curative effect on a very terrible ageing disease - Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's disease, ie Alzheimer's disease) and Parkingson's (Parkinson's disease, ie Alzheimer's disease) .

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