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Human growth hormone can fight aging

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Human growth hormone improves the growth environment of cells (refers to the improvement of internal environment).

Human growth hormone contains an enzyme generating element that can scavenge metabolites and capture free radicals. Promote the formation of SOD, scavenge free radicals and form metallothionein.

Human growth hormone provides nutrients necessary for cell growth

Human growth hormone contains all the nutrients necessary for human life. Rich in protein, lecithin and brain phosphorus

Fat, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc. the combination of these components, whether in terms of composition or content ratio, is natural, scientific and reasonable, and is very easy to be absorbed and utilized by human cells.

Human growth hormone activates and repairs aging cells and maintains the normal metabolism of cells, tissues, organs and systems.

Human growth hormone contains a wide range of cytokines, such as a variety of immune active factors, stem cell growth factors, and substances necessary for the growth and repair of cells.

These substances can activate dormant cells or aging cells in the human body and make more cells produce biological effects (serve the human body).

To sum up, the following aspects lead to the aging of human cells:

1. The cell life is limited, and the cell will age naturally;

2. Insufficient replenishment of fresh cells leads to the inability of aging cells to be replaced, and the total amount of effective cells decreases significantly;

3. The joint action of external environment and gene accelerates cell aging;

4. The number and viability of stem cells in vivo decreased.

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