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Human growth hormone is an important factor in the synthesis of muscle

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In the process of muscle growth, training is its precursor, nutrition is its foundation, and sleep is its carrier. What about Human Growth Hormone?

Yes, hormones are the condition.

Hormone is very important in our training. Muscle growth needs testosterone and growth hormone. Hormone will also participate in fat reduction and thyroid hormone is required.

It can even be said that behind all physiological changes, hormones play a vital role in the regulation of body cells.

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone secreted from the anterior lobe of the inferior gland is very important for development and growth.

Human growth hormone is not only a helper to promote the growth of whole-body tissues. After receiving "resistance training", it can also improve the synthesis of protein in muscle (let muscle grow or hypertrophy), and stimulate fat decomposition by enzymes to enhance the opportunity of fat as an energy source.

In addition, after weight training, strenuous exercise and sleeping at night,Human growth hormone will increase rapidly (concentration increases) to facilitate the growth of body tissue.

Therefore, in order to release human growth hormone normally, rest and adequate sleep after training have become relatively important.

The magical effect of testosterone steroids powders

Testosterone Steroids Powders can interact with the muscle itself. Testosterone has quite a number of positive effects on muscle growth.

For example, testosterone steroids powders can promote growth hormone response, affect muscle protein synthesis, or maintain muscle strength and quality, refresh and improve physical fitness.

Studies have pointed out that weight training (especially the training of large muscle groups), high-intensity exercise and less rest interval can stimulate the secretion of testosterone steroids powders.

This is why we encourage you to do more hard pulling, squatting and other large muscle groups to directly stimulate testosterone steroids powders (and IGF-1) secretion and help muscle growth.

However, due to the difference in the amount secreted by men and women, women's body has dozens of times less testosterone steroids powders than men, and girls will be weaker in muscle growth conditions.

Therefore, girls don't have to worry too much about becoming "big guys" after weight training. It's really too difficult.

The function of Cortisol

From the adrenal gland, "cortisol" is an important angle to deal with stress, also known as "stress hormone". In the face of pressure, it will be released to inhibit protein synthesis, decompose liver sugar in muscle and make muscle collapse.

Therefore, if you want to avoid high cortisol concentration (leading to muscle decomposition), you must actively deal with the situation of excessive pressure and excessive training, so as not to make your body tired! Whether it is rest, sleep or diet, it is necessary to maintain balance in all aspects.

The effect of insulin

When we eat, blood sugar will rise, and the pancreas will release insulin, allowing glucose to enter cells (especially muscle cells) and accelerating the synthesis of protein and fat.

On the other hand, insulin is also an important factor regulating body blood sugar. Too high concentration of blood glucose (or no exercise) can reduce the sensitivity of cells to insulin, lose the ability of the body to control blood sugar, and raise the incidence of diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Therefore, in order to prevent insulin from going up and down and increase the probability of fat synthesis, it is recommended that you eat at a fixed time and do not deliberately fast or overeat, which will make our insulin at a loss and will not help you lose weight or gain muscle; And appropriately increase high-intensity exercise to improve the body's sensitivity to insulin and keep away from chronic diseases.

Having a preliminary understanding of the importance of hormones, for you who love exercise, it can definitely make you pay more attention to the relevant details of body operation and avoid over training.

Of course, it is difficult for us to deliberately control hormone secretion. If we want to create an environment suitable for hormone operation, we should remember to grasp the principles of adequate rest, balanced diet and appropriate training.


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