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Know Nothing About Testosterone? What A Man!

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 "Why didn't I gain after I worked out so much? My diet was excellent, but my fat keeps going up? Feeling tired even I rest well..."

Those questions have been brought on the table everyday. Most people can only change the situation by adjusting their diet and sleep, but they always easily ignore easily point---- Testosterone Level.

What is Testosterone Level?

For man, testosterone is the most important sex hormone, which affects muscle strength, stamina, sex and bone strength. Whether work out or not, all men need the physiological function of testosterone.

Testosterone will affect your muscle growth and recovery directly. The athletic men mostly have higher testosterone level, that's why those men who like training can still have strong sex impulse and good stamina when they get old. With a low testosterone level, you can barely gain even though you put much effort in your exercise.


Why is Testosterone So Important to Men?

Testosterone is the basis of male sex hormone. It plays an important role in improving male sex impulse and maintaining male sex function.

Of course, testosterone will affect the physiological function of the whole body, not only the lower half, testosterone secreting functionally can also keep man energetic. When your testosterone level rises up, training is going to be efficient.

1. Improve vitality

Testosterone can improve the vitality by increasing the numbers of red blood cell, which transports oxygen throughout the body.


2. Gain muscle and reduce fat

Testosterone can increase lean body mass, help muscle growth and enhance muscle strength. 

Meanwhile, it can decrease the content of cholesterol and body fat, maintain blood glucose, decrease blood pressure and improve the sensibility of insulin.




3. Improve sex function

Improve sexual health. Testosterone, as male sex hormone, can promote growth and improve sex function.

4. Increase athletic ability

Testosterone is the hormone for building man's skeleton. It can increase bone density, the mineral substance of bone and prevent rarefaction of bone, also greatly improve our endurance and the ability of anti-fatigue.

5. Protect heart

Testosterone can observably increase the content of high density protein, to help maintain a healthy heart condition.

6. Maintain brain health

Testosterone can improve memory retention, ease anxiety and anger and relieve unhealthy emotions.

Lack oftestosterone can be a little bit of "embarrassing" for men sometimes.

How to Judge the Testosterone Level?

According to some reports, most man's testosterone secretion will decrease slowly after 30 years old. When it comes to 80, the content of testosterone in their body is only 1/50 of it was when they were young.


When it's lower than the standard level, man will feel weak, less sex impulse or even lose sex drive. That's also why when it comes to the mid-age, men will feel "undoable".



 If testosterone reduction found in man's body, the symptom of menopause will show up, even cause depressive disorder, rarefaction of bone and anemia:

1. Lack of sex drive

2. Endurance reduction

3. Muscular flaccidity

4. Testiness

5. Memory reduction

6. Sleep quality falling off

7. Depression

And, the lower your testosterone is, the slower your fat will lose, the more easily your fat will store.

Do you think you are too young to worry about your testosterone level? You think work out will keep those problems away from you?

Following factors will also cause testosterone reduction:

Over pressure

Too much pressure will also decrease the testosterone level in your body. The nervous system adjusts almost all hormone secretion. The study shows that the testosterone will stay at a low level when one is under pressure.

Over training

Over training will inhibit testosterone secretion, for example, Marathon and long run.

However, massive strength training can promote testosterone secretion in a way, it’s a recovery for muscle fiber from body. But over training will lead to adrenal hormone secretion, which resolves muscle protein and decreases testosterone level.



Low fat diet

Meat contains a mass of fat. Insufficiency of meat intake will lead to the result that fat is less than body demand, eventually the testosterone level will drop off rapidly. Too much fat will affect physique, but too least will damage body function.

Besides, unhealthy living habits like, smoking, overeating, lacking of exercise, obesity and over-pressure all will affect testosterone content.

Keeping testosterone level at a normal level, not only can improve health condition, but also can bring a better life to you.


Increasing Testosterone is the Key to Gaining

Since the testosterone is so important to man, how do we raise the level?

Weight training

Weight training tears your muscle fiber. When you sleep, your body will start fixing the muscle issue, and secrete testosterone.

Proper cardio

Too much cardio will inhibit testosterone secretion, so do it properly.




Increasing the protein intake

High qualityprotein supplement can effectively maintain muscle growth and testosterone secretion. 

Avoiding alcohol

Alcohol inhibits raising testosterone level.

Enough sleep

Good sleep doesnot just recover your body, but keeps muscle growth and maintain testosterone secretion functionally.

Regular sex life

Regular sex life will help man improve testosterone level.

But even if you follow all these suggestions, your testosterone level can just stay steady. It's still hard for you to increase it rapidly.

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