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LGD 4033

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LGD 4033

LGD 4033 Ligandrol How it works
Ligandrol LGD-4033 binds selectively to the androgen receptor of muscles and bones showing similar effects such as testosterone with minimal effects on the prostate.
It has been developed as a way to treat diseases or conditions associated with worsening and wasting of muscles and bones. It’s ability to stimulate muscle growth without the necessary calories and training makes it highly sought after by athletes.
The advantage of the SARM Ligandrol LGD-4033 over testosterone is the minimal effect it has on the body. This means that Ligandrol is specifically designed to target only muscle and bones without effecting other organs in the body unlike ordinary steroids.
Ligandrol LGD-4033 Side Effects
Anecdotal evidence suggests that human use of LGD4033 longer than 8 weeks will natural testosterone production in 67% of users. What does that mean to you? It means it is not reasonable to take Ligandrol longer than 7 weeks without rest.
With this shorter cycle you will get 100% of the product’s benefits without encountering side effects. Testosterone suppression occurs because of an error in the body’s hormonal system. Ligandrol is similar to testosterone. Because of this it perceives it as testosterone and your body will produce less.
LGD4033 SARM PCT, Do You Need It After Ligandrol
In 80% of cases, you will NOT need PCT, since SARMs do not affect secondary organs such as the testes. In other words, after stopping them, your free testosterone levels will quickly return to normal.
Since SARMs take the place of testosterone in androgen receptors, it may be helpful to take after a cycle for 2-3 weeks:
Vitamin D3 – 2500 to 5000 iu daily
Zinc 30mg daily
Maca 15-30g daily
Vitamin C
We advise you to take advantage of our best option for post-cycle therapy if needed:
Post-cycle therapy should be started at least 1 week before stopping SARM products. And last at least a month, the dosage can be 2 capsules daily.
If your safety is a priority, we advise you to use some of the following SERM products for additional insurance:


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