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Positive and negative effects of human growth hormone

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Rolad Claude, President of the American Academy of anti-aging medicine, said: the development of genetic technology is and relatively reversing aging.

We can make our good youth longer and longer. HGH is the English abbreviation of human growth hormone.

It is a strong active chain peptide secreted by the brain and composed of 191 amino acids. It is the most important substance to promote human growth after birth.

It acts on the three metabolites of human protein, fat, sugar and bile. It has an effect on all organs and tissues of the body.

Therefore, it has a great impact on human physiological functions such as appearance and body shape, Also known as youth element.

The secretion of hGH in normal human body is the most in childhood, reaching the peak in his life at the age of 18.

It has decreased at the rate of 1.5% every year since the age of 21.

With the decrease of hGH, the ability of cell protein synthesis continues to decline, including the gradual atrophy of the functions of tissues and organs of skin, bone, heart, liver, kidney, lung and brain, and the arrival of aging at an irreversible pace!

Side effects of human growth hormone hgh

Overall, human growth hormone is a very safe hormone drug for both men and women. It is a substance produced by your body itself. However, some side effects still exist.

This includes edema in joints such as wrists and ankles, joint pain and headaches. Some people also have some flu like symptoms at the beginning of use, but they will disappear soon.

It can also cause carpal bone syndrome, which is usually caused by water reaction when used in large doses. Hypothyroidism due to insufficient thyroid hormone secretion may also occur.

These side effects can be controlled by using iodoseronin cytomel, commonly known as T3 drugs. Some users may also experience nausea, dizziness, respiratory infections and skin paralysis.

But the most common side effects are mild edema, joint pain and headache. Finally, human growth hormone may cause allergic reactions at the injection site.

Usually, there will be small lumps near the pinhole and itching. So you need to find the most suitable part for injection.

But in fact, many people have achieved good results by continuous injection at the same site, which is reflected in the improvement of local fat decomposition efficiency.

Therefore, many male users will choose to inject in the area with the most fat.

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