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Positive effects of human growth hormone on human body

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Human growth hormone is an important mediator of human growth process.

This hormone is produced endogenous in the anterior pituitary and is present at particularly high levels in childhood.

Human growth hormone has a wide range of growth promoting effects and can be divided into three different regions: bone, skeletal muscle and viscera.

It also supports protein, carbohydrate, lipid and mineral metabolism and stimulates the growth of connective tissue.

Although essential for early development, human growth hormone is produced throughout adulthood.

Its levels and biological effects decline with age, but continue to support metabolism, muscle tissue growth / maintenance, and adipose tissue management (reduction) throughout life.

Growth hormone specifically describes the drug human growth hormone synthesized using recombinant DNA technology.

Growth hormone (rhGH) is biologically equivalent to human growth hormone of pituitary origin.

In a medical setting, growth hormone is used to help treat various health conditions.

Especially in the case of growth disorders in children with insufficient growth hormone production, the most obvious prescription.

Although usually not completely corrected, the use of growth hormone usually significantly increases the linear growth rate and overall height before further growth stops in adolescence.

The drug can also be used to accelerate the growth of children who are small at birth and fail to catch up at the age of 2.

Other uses include the treatment of short bowel syndrome, growth disorders caused by renal insufficiency, muscle atrophy associated with HIV infection, and adult growth hormone deficiency.

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