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Precautions for steroid injection

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Injecting yourself is also a technical job. Many novices are also asking me a lot of related steroid injection safety questions. Today I will answer a key question, I hope it will be helpful to you!

1. Never share syringes, and do not share a needle to divide the dose with other people. You must use a brand new needle!

2. Try not to use the needle that draws the drug, because when using the vial to draw the drug, especially the thinner needle may blunt the tip of the needle when it is inserted into the cap. If you continue to use this needle for steroid injection You will feel pain. For all conditions, please replace with a new needle for injection!

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3. Especially in winter or cold in some provinces and regions, oil-based steroid drugs may become difficult to push due to the low temperature. At this time, you can preheat the drug before injection, such as putting the bottle in warm water or Warm up with your own body temperature for a while!

4. Customers with thin sebum do not need to pierce all the needles in the steroid injection!

5. It is recommended to choose the painless triangle of the buttocks as much as possible for the needle position. You will observe that some others will inject the deltoid muscle or the quadriceps of the leg, but these may not be suitable for you who are novices, and the chances of novices causing neuropathic swelling and pain It's very high. Once it happens, you can't train. Safety first is the painless triangle of the buttocks!

6. Try to inject after taking a shower after training. This is to clean the injection site to avoid infection. If you inject before training, it is likely to be infected by sweat with bacteria during training!

7. Interchange the needles on both sides of the buttocks, so as to give the other side more time to recover. If the novice has swelling and pain on both sides of the buttocks at the beginning, choose the four-head injection. Be careful not to pierce the inner side near the groin. Not fun anymore!

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8. Be sure not to mix oil-based and water-based drugs for injection, otherwise there is a high chance of aseptic abscess

9. Avoid the sciatic nerve (the sciatic nerve is the largest and thickest nerve in the human body. It passes through the spinal cord of the lumbar spine and extends down the back of the hip and thigh)!

10. Try to buy a good quality syringe. A good quality 2.5ml syringe pushes liquid medicine (such as liquid stanozolol) without pressure

11. Be slow when injecting, which helps to avoid muscle tears and bruises!

12. Decisively piercing the injection area when the needle is inserted is the fastest and least painful way, and the movement is stable and there is almost no pain!

13. Do not inject liquid medicine into the vein, it is dangerous!

14. Try to inject Trenbolone alone. Trenbolone is a irritating drug, like Trenbolone Acetate, dropping it on your hands will cause a tingling sensation. If you mix it with other oil-based injections, it will increase the chance of flowing through the lungs. Once trenbolone flows through the lungs, the lungs will think that there is a foreign body ingested, and will want to expel the foreign body by causing a severe cough, so try to inject it separately!

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