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What is the effect of Andarine S4
Andarine’s effect is quite similar to that of Anavar.
When taken, Andarine S4 binds to the androgen receptors of muscles and bones, improving protein synthesis, which in turn contributes to building greater muscle mass and strengthening joints and bones.
Andarine also has an effect on the way the body converts excess calories into fat.
S4 blocks the action that converts excess calories into fat and thus prevents extra kilograms.
In a cycle with SARM like Andarine S4 you will feel the effect 2-3 days after the first intake. Your muscles will begin to become more firm and complete in 2-3 days after the first intake.
Andarine S4 Results
Andarine S4 is  Not One of our most popular SARM products.
The main reason for this is that most consumers are opting for the stronger SARM supplement such as Testolon RAD140 and Ligandrol.
While Andarine is multifunctional, 83% of the reviews we received about Andarine say it helped them both lose weight and gain muscle.
Most users are of the opinion that Andarine S4 only helps to remove fat, but this is not the case.
With S4, you can gain at least 1-2kg of muscle mass per month and burn even more fat.
The Andarine result is unique and it’s action is not to be underestimated.
What type of cycles Andarine S4 is suitable for
Andarine S4 cycle for muscle mass
The effect of Andarine S4 is to build 100% lean muscle mass.
Andarine S4 has the advantage of blocking lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that causes fat to accumulate. In this way, it redirects excess calories only to muscle fibers and causes growth.
Andarine S4 cycle for cutting
As already mentioned, the main effect of Andarine is that it prevents the body from increasing its fat deposits.
The intake of Andarine S4 is very often combined in STACK with SARMS such as Cardarine, whose function for direct fat burning and boosting energy levels fits perfectly with the functionality of S4.
Andarine S4 cycle
Andarine has been used in martial arts and athletics, as it does not cause massive weight gain, but in turn contributes to a drastic increase in strength levels as well as endurance.
This makes Andarine perfect for someone who wants to stay in the category, but also increasing their power levels and reducing the recovery period.
Andarine S4 Dosage
Customer reviews are directed to more frequent intake  or Andarine S4, 3 times a day as its effect lasts for about 6 hours.
The intake of S4 is divided into doses of 15 mg 3 times daily, ie 45 mg daily. To be taken 5-6 days in one calendar week. This means that you have to allow 1-2 day break.
The optimal cycle with Andarine S4 lasts from 4 to 6 weeks allowing optimal results with minimal side effects.
It is desirable that the intake be on an empty stomach to be better absorbed.
Stack Andarine S4 , Best SARMS Stacks with Andarine S4
Stacking SARMS is a fast method of maximising results with small side effects.
However, keep in mind that as some SARMs products complement each other in terms of functionality and effect, others exclude themselves as they occupy the same receptors.
That is, it does not make sense to take too many SARM supplements in a stack at a time or in too long a cycle. See more information on how to properly stack SARMs like Andarine.
Let’s see now …
Andarine S4 can be stacked with other SARMs to improve their efficiency.
The perfect combination in a stack for quick and easy fat burning:
Stack Ostarine, Cardarine and Andarine S4
Stack for lean muscle mass is the combination:
Stack Cardarine, Ibutamoren and Andarine S4
Andarine S4 Side Effects
Each product has side effects when incorrectly adhered to or misused.
The most commonly observed side effect of the S4 is a decrease in the quality of night vision.
The dose at which a side effect occurs in 99% of cases is quite high (75 mg / day).
However, the symptoms disappear when the product is discontinued for 24 hours.
In fact, this means that the weekly intake of Andarine S4 should exclude 1-2 days of the week in order to have absolutely no chance of side effects.


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