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Shipping notice From Landmark

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About the recent delivery delay, especially for the following instructions:  

  • Due to the jewelry smuggling in Huanggang, Shenzhen, more than 300 people involved in corruption identified and many level cadres being investigated. Also, two tons of counterfeit money has been seized by the Man Kam To Customs, and Luohu Customs found chinchillas skin. Escalation for all Shenzhen border crossing has been the semi-closed state. So the recent Hong Kong's exports of goods will be blocked. The exports channels departure from Shenzhen to Hong Kong will be delayed to varying degrees. All vehicles must be unloaded for clearance check , and check car rates is 100 percent. The correct shipping list, order number, name of  goods and brand are required to be available. At the same time, all declaration must be correspond. If not, the vehicle and the goods will be detained at least 2-3 days, or more than 10 days. Then it will be processed.

  • As the Chinese National Holiday is coming, all domestic express delivery will be varying degrees of delay. It is slower about 1-2 days than usual .

  • We will suspend shipments since September 29th. It will recovery to be normal after October 6th. The excessive backlog of parcels during the holiday leads to the varying degrees of delay on shipping. 

Though, your parcels will be processed as soon as possible!        

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