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Pharmaceutical Name: Stanobol

Chemical Name: Stanozolol

Chem.Abstr.Name: 7alpha-Methyl-2'H-5alpha-androst-2- -eno(3,2-c)pyrazol-17beta-ol

Molecular Structure: C21H32N2O

Molecular Weight: 328.5

Androgenic activity 30

Anabolic activity 320

Chemical name 17beta-hydroxy-17-methyl-5alpha-androstano[3,2-c]pyrazole

No estrogenic activity

Progesterone activity was not significant

Common preparation tablet, suspension injection

Common trade names:


Stanozolol source

Stanozolol is also an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS), but it is not directly derived from testosterone. First, testosterone is derived into dihydrotestosterone (and DiHydroTestosterone, referred to as DHT), and the dihydrotestosterone is modified again to become Stanozolol. Chemically altered to greatly enhance the anabolic (tissue building) properties of the hormone, minimize androgenic activity, and at the same time cannot be aromatized to estrogen

Stanozolol was first developed into a drug by the Stanozolol throp laboratory in the United Kingdom in 1959. In 1961, it applied for a US patent. Stanozolol was first listed in the United States in 1962 under the trademark "Stanozolol strol". The trademark of Stanozolol strol is much louder than its official name "Stanozolol" and has always been in this circle. It is still in use today and is referred to as Stanozolol.

Stanozolol effect

The protein anabolic capacity of Stanozolol is 320% of that of methyltestosterone. It looks very powerful, but because Stanozolol has a very poor affinity with androgen receptors, its real muscle-building capacity is not high, but its fat-reducing and water-shedding capacity is more powerful. protrude. It is generally used as an additive for fat reduction and dehydration.

Stanozolol main side effects and protection

Stanozolol does not turn female, and also has a weak anti-female effect, so there is no feminization problem such as nipple development. In addition, Stanozolol also has a certain anti-progestin effect.

Stanozolol can increase low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and increase the possibility of cardiovascular disease, so it cannot be used alone. It is recommended to supplement fish oil, or use it in combination with testosterone. Stanozolol is quite toxic to the liver and can rapidly increase transaminase, so it should not be used for a long time. It is recommended to control it within 6 weeks and use milk thistle to protect the liver.

Stanozolol dosage schedule:

The original medical prescribing guidelines for Stanozolol called for a daily dose of 6 mg, administered as 2 mg tablets three times a day. Dosages for building physique or improving athletic performance range from 20 mg to 100 mg per day for no more than 6-8 weeks. Stanozolol is generally recommended for injection, which has the highest bioavailability and is used for medical use at a clinical dose of 50 mg injected every 2-3 weeks. When used to enhance physique or improve athletic performance, the most commonly used dose is 50 mg per day. Stanozolol suspensions with larger particle sizes are difficult to break down by the body and are usually more painful to inject. Oral stanozolol is effective for 8-9 hours, while injectable stanozolol is effective for 36-48 hours, which means half-lives of 4-5 hours and 18-24 hours, respectively.

Pharmacokinetics of Stanozolol

High bioavailability

Metabolic pathway liver

Half-life (oral) 9 hours

Half-life (suspension) 24 hours

Release duration > 1 week

Excretion route Urine 80%

Stanozolol miscellaneous talk:

In 1962, it was the time when the Dutch Organon Pharmaceutical Company began to promote Deka, and it was also the time when Stanozolol was officially launched in the United States. Stanozolol was hit at that time

The stanozolol strol trademark has been used for nearly 50 years and is now nicknamed by insiders as stanozolol (the abbreviation of stanozolol strol, the more intimate name is

Stanozolol ny). Stanozolol can be seen in almost all the leaked cycles of top foreign players and even in the preparation cycles.

There are both oral and injectable stanozolol in Cycle, Stanozolol in the Cycle used by Andreas Munzer before his violent death, and even online

The rumored star Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt is the one who played Autumn Legend and Troy) also has stanozolol in his shaping cycle. . . . . . Stanozolol so

Why is it popular?

1. Data that is easily misunderstood by stanozolol - the synthesis ability of stanozolol is actually not good

Everyone saw in the brief table at the beginning that the anabolic capacity of Stanozolol is about 320% of that of methyltestosterone. It looks scary, hehe. But watch out! This

The comparison is for methyltestosterone rather than raw testosterone itself. The anabolic ability of methyltestosterone is basically waste grade, so this data does not have much reference value. In addition, Stanozolol has a very poor affinity for androgen receptors, so its anabolic capacity is not as amazing as the 320% data might seem on the surface.

Most people who have used Stanozolol alone have a similar experience: little change in weight, slight increase in muscle circumference, muscle becoming firmer, and fat becoming thinner and more visible

Visible muscle lines and details. In fact, it can be seen that for Stanozolol, the effect of increasing muscle is not large, but the ability to reduce fat and trim lines is more prominent.

2. A panacea for increasing muscle and reducing fat, anti-estrogen and anti-pregnancy? - Stanozolol can resist female and anti-pregnancy without turning female

As mentioned in the introduction, Stanozolol is a derivative of DHT, DHT does not turn female, and most of its derivatives also inherit this point and will not turn female (such as Anavar,

Primo, etc. are not female). Not only that, Stanozolol can also be anti-estrogen, it has a certain SERM (SERM - "selective estrogen regulator", a typical example

The child is tamoxifen, so it has the ability to resist female.

In fact, DHT derivatives can resist female not only Stanozolol, but also Proviron, Masteron and so on. Proviron can be very effective against females. Everyone is familiar with it. Do not

The way of Stanozolol's anti-estrogen is different from that of Mesterolone Proviron. Mesterolone Proviron is a weak AI, while Stanozolol is a SERM. Therefore, in terms of anti-estrogen efficiency, Stanozolol is weaker than

Mesterolone Proviron, of course, the price is also,

In addition, Stanozolol also has a certain affinity with progesterone receptors, so it can also bind to progesterone receptors at the same time. Progesterone and progesterone, although not directly

Causes female side effects, but it can amplify and worsen the effects of estrogen. Although the affinity of stanozolol for progesterone receptors is not strong, it can improve the

A step toward preventing the feminization crisis. However, although this little skill of Stanozolol is not on the table (compared to the anti-female regular army tamoxifen, Arnoxin, etc., even relative to

As for its fellow apprentice and brother Proviron, Stanozolol's anti-female ability is a little weaker), but its good thing is that its anti-female ability is not very strong. Excessive anti-female ability will be great

The effect of anabolic, that is to say, Stanozolol's anti-estrogen ability is weak, so it can be used as a preventive measure, and it does not affect muscle growth, and it can also resist progesterone. In addition, Stanozolol has

It has a fat-reducing effect, so using Stanozolol as an additive can simultaneously resist estrogen and anti-progesterone and reduce fat and increase muscle.

3. Double-edged sword - Stanozolol hurts the liver but is the enemy of SHBG

The original unmodified testosterone (that is, the ancestor of all other anabolic androgenic steroids referred to as AAS, hehe) cannot be directly sipped in the stomach,

Because the small intestine and liver will inactivate testosterone (meaning being metabolized or destroyed and inactive), testosterone directly swallowed into the stomach cannot enter the bloodstream and cannot function.

use. All the oral AASs that can be seen on the market have been modified so that they can resist the destruction of the small intestine and liver (especially the liver) before they can be taken orally.

Dianabol, Oxandrolone (Anavar), and this time we introduce Stanozolol.

As mentioned earlier, Stanozolol is a modified and then modified version of testosterone, and one of the key modifications is "17αA". Added to the C17α position of the original testosterone

A methyl group is added to form a "17αA" structure. AAS with this "17αA" special structure can smoothly pass through the small intestine and liver without being destroyed or metabolized

, and finally enter the blood to exert its effect. Many well-known oral AAS such as Dianabol, Fluoxymesterone, Anadrol

(Anadrol) and so on are all modified by "17αA".

This is an illustration of the molecular structure of testosterone: (middle)

This is the molecular structure of Stanozolol (the red circle in the picture is the added "17αA")

AAS modified by "17αA" can be easily taken orally, but the ancients said it well: "There are gains and losses." "17αA" becomes convenient to take, but

Even though this convenience comes at a price, it hurts the liver. All "17αA" modified AASs are highly toxic to the liver and can cause hepatocyte apoptosis, and

Medium and high concentrations of alanine aminotransferase (that is, the "ALT" or "GPT" that everyone sees when checking liver function) will enter the blood, making the liver function blood test.

The alanine aminotransferase of , may rise to a rather frightening level (such as above 7, 800, and the normal value is between 0-40). Therefore, a

It is generally recommended that oral AAS should not be used continuously for more than 6 weeks, which may cause irreversible liver damage (in addition, more than 6 weeks has more terrible hidden dangers).

sexual injury, see below). Even some powerful oral 17αA (such as Anadrol, Fluoxymesterone, etc.) cannot be used continuously for more than 4 weeks.

In addition, Stanozolol also has an injection type. Although the ingredients are exactly the same as the oral type, the injection type can directly enter the blood without going through the small intestine>liver route.

This injection type is less harmful to the liver.

However, if you win the horse but lose the horse, there will be blessings and misfortunes. . . . . . Stanozolol inherits the common liver toxicity of all "17αA", but Stanozolol unexpectedly acquires other

The "partial kung fu" that AAS can't get - lowering SHBG.

SHBG - SexHormone-BindingGlobulin (sex hormone binding protein) is a protein in our blood, its role is to "capture"

Sex hormones in the blood (almost all AAS including testosterone), which is what Binding means in its name. The AAS "captured" by it lost

Deactivation loses the ability to synthesize protein. It can be seen that this thing hinders protein synthesis and is the enemy of me, haha. SHBG's ability to capture AAS is extremely strong.

More than 98% of the testosterone in the body of ordinary people is captured by it, that is to say, only less than 2% of the testosterone we secrete every day is really used by our body.

All were captured by SHBG and lost their activity. Not only testosterone, but all AAS derived directly or indirectly from testosterone, once in the blood, will be mostly absorbed by SHBG

The effect of capture is greatly reduced. Therefore, if SHBG can be inhibited in Cycle, the effect of Cycle will be improved, and Stanozolol has exactly this ability.

In 1989, the University of Hamburg, Germany found that oral low-dose stanozolol can significantly reduce the concentration of SHBG in the body. JClinEndocrinolMetab68:1195–


As long as a daily oral dose of stanozolol as low as 0.2mg/kg body weight can reduce SHBG in the body to 50% of the original level. That is to say, a person weighing 80kg

People, you only need to eat 16mg a day to get this benefit, not bad, hehe.

However, this benefit comes at the cost of harming the liver, which means that the injectable version of Stanozolol, which is less harmful to the liver, does not have this benefit.

You may think that such a low dose can achieve such great benefits. If it can be used for a long time, it would be good. This low dose should not affect the liver.

Bar. . . . . . NO! Because as long as 6mg per day can cause great harm! See the next section for details.

4. Do not use Stanozolol (and other oral AAS) alone - Stanozolol increases LDL and lowers HDL

I believe that many people have used a certain AAS alone, such as the famous Dianabol, and some people have used Stanozolol alone. Many people have also asked me about

On the question of taking oral AAS alone, the first sentence I have answered countless times must be this: "It is not recommended to take oral AAS alone." But when asked why it is not possible to take oral AAS alone

It is very difficult to explain if it is used alone. There are two main points: first, "using oral AAS alone will result in a lot of body weight and water, and it is not easy to keep the weight gain.

"Growing up muscles". This is easy to understand, it's OK to talk about it, and you can see the actual reaction, so generally when you explain verbally and QQ, you just say

This is the first point. The second point is difficult to understand clearly, so I have not explained it very carefully either verbally or online.

Explain in detail to everyone. The second point is: "Oral AAS can cause disorder of blood lipid levels and cause cardiovascular problems."

Oral "17αA" steroids cause liver damage. This has been said before. In fact, this is a chain reaction, except for the apoptosis and necrosis of liver cells, followed by bile.

Sedimentation, increased bile acids, and this in turn leads to an increase in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels and a decrease in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels in the blood.

The focus is on these two lipoproteins, one is low density (LDL) and the other is high density (HDL). Below is a quote from the text to explain a little bit, so that everyone can

have a concept


Due to abnormal fat metabolism or operation, one or several lipids in plasma are higher than normal, which is called hyperlipidemia (hyperlipidemia), which can be manifested as high cholesterol.

Hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, or both (mixed hyperlipidemia).

Lipids are insoluble or slightly soluble in water, and must be combined with proteins to exist in the form of lipoproteins in order to operate in the blood circulation. Therefore, hyperlipidemia is often high lipoproteins

A reflection of hyperlipoproteinemia. Due to the gradual realization that the reduction of high-density lipoprotein in plasma is also a disorder of blood lipid metabolism, it is called

It is a more comprehensive and accurate reflection of dyslipidemia for dyslipoproteinemia. Clinically, it can be divided into two categories: (1) Primary, which is a hereditary disorder of lipid metabolism.

Disease; ② secondary, common in poorly controlled diabetes, alcohol consumption, hypothyroidism, nephrotic syndrome, dialysis, kidney transplantation, biliary obstruction, oral

Contraceptives, etc. Dyslipidemia is closely related to the occurrence and development of cardiovascular disease, especially coronary heart disease, and is one of the components of metabolic syndrome

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is a group of lipoproteins with the highest particle density in serum, and its main function is to transport cholesterol from tissues other than the liver to the liver for

Catabolism. HDL is considered an anti-atherosclerotic factor.

Reference value 1.03-2.07mmol/L

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is a cholesterol-rich lipoprotein whose main function is to transport cholesterol to the peripheral blood. a risk factor for atherosclerosis

First, LDL is considered to be a pro-atherosclerotic factor.

Reference value≤3.12mmol/L

The simple summary is that LDL increases the risk of atherosclerosis, whereas HDL reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, so everyone understands. so we

It is desirable to lower LDL and raise HDL, however most oral "17αA" steroids, including Stanozolol, raise LDL and lower HDL.

In 1989, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an experimental report JAMA.1989;261(8):1165-1168. 11 male weightlifters in the experiment received oral 6 mg/day

Stanozolol or Test at a dose of 200 mg/week for 6 weeks. During the period, the changes of the subjects' blood lipid parameters were observed. Stanozolol was found to raise LDL by 29% and lower HDL

up to 33%. In short: the good goes, the bad comes. . . . . .

The deterioration of about 30% is no child's play, but for the average person, this kind of change cannot be seen for a while and there is no feeling at all (this means that Stanozolol is colorless and odorless.

People are invisible, but they are actually traveling at home, killing people and killing their mouths, a must-have medicine. Hahaha), this invisible side effect is often easily overlooked but extremely

It is harmful (I think high blood lipids and atherosclerosis do not need me to explain their disadvantages).

Although "17αA" steroids have the ability to be easily taken orally and reduce SHBG, they have caused the scourge of dyslipidemia. Fortunately, solving this problem is not

Difficult, the easiest way is to take fish oil. Note that it is not cod liver oil but fish oil. However, there is a slightly more troublesome, but also a way to kill two birds with one stone, which is to use it together with Test.

It is also the experimental report of the American Medical Association in 1989, which not only tested the effect of Stanozolol on blood lipids, but also tested the effect of Test on blood lipids.

The above picture is the blood LDL level measured weekly after the subjects were given 6 mg of Stanozolol per day or injected with 200 mg of TE testosterone enanthate per week (remember what this concept is, LDL low-density lipoprotein, will increase the risk of probability of atherosclerosis). It is not difficult to see from it that Stanozolol (that is, Stanolzol in the picture, circle mark) can continuously increase LDL, and it increased by 29% by the 6th week. Correspondingly, weekly injection of 200mg of TE (testosterone enanthate, which is the square mark in the figure) can make LDL drop continuously, and by the 6th week, it has dropped by 16%.

After reading these data and charts, everyone understands that with the Test, the blood lipid problem can be alleviated to a certain extent, and at the same time, it can also solve the problem that the oral "17αA" increases the body weight and the water is difficult to maintain.

5. Don't use Stanozolol as Dianabol - How to use Stanozolol

As mentioned earlier, first of all, Stanozolol cannot be used alone. Second, it is very important to protect the liver. You can use silymarin or biphenyl diester. Third, Stanozolol is not the main force in any cycle, but as an additive and auxiliary agent.

For example, in BulkingCycle, Stanozolol can act as an inhibitor of SHBG, and can also control water and fat. If Stanozolol is added for this purpose, it is recommended to add it later in the Cycle. Generally speaking, in the early stage of Cycle, the body is sensitive, and in the later stage, Stanozolol is used to suppress SHBG, so that the body that is no longer sensitive can get more active AAS stimulation. For specific doses, see the brief table at the beginning of the post.

Finally, let's talk about how to use the injection version of Stanozolol. Injectable Stanozolol is actually just mixing the original Stanozolol powder with water, and Stanozolol is almost insoluble in water, so the entire injection is a suspension of Stanozolol granules mixed in a bottle of water (this is similar to a high-dose 120 Wanu long-acting penicillin injection), Stanozolol particles will settle to the bottom of the bottle after standing for a period of time. When using this injection, it is necessary to shake the injection repeatedly to form a milky white suspension before it can be extracted. During injection, the water-insoluble Stanozolol granules are likely to block the needle and the injection will cause severe pain, so use a larger needle and move quickly, and push the needle firmly.

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