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Steroid and protein powder for fitness muscles, which one is better?

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Different fitness makers have different fitness bonuses, so steroid powders and protein powders for fitness and muscle groups, which is better?

Protein powder is a comparative traditional fitness supplement, which can be said that most of the fitness people with muscle muscle needs have experience in using protein powder, and in addition to protein powder, steroids have also been drawn in fitness supplements. However, in fact, the inventive inventory of steroids is not used for fitness, even not suitable for human body, but most of the bodybuilders in reality and some of the fitness people who love muscles can use steroids. So how should steroids and protein powder for fitness muscles?

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Different effects on the increase in muscle

It can be said that if you have to help the muscles, it is a very strong thing, because the protein powder itself contains only protein this ingredient, its purpose is to provide adequate protein for the fitness, but not directly It acts on the increase in muscle effects, and many people think that protein powder has a muscle effect, but also because they do not use protein powder, their own protein intake is inadequate.

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The steroid powder is really a direct role in the increase in muscles, and it can even be said that there is a strong effect, a newcomer without any fitness experience, after using the steroid fitness, can practice muscle men in just a few months This increase in muscle effect is that any other fitness supplement cannot be provided, and steroids can provide higher testosterone levels for fitness, thus improving the speed of muscle repair growth, and improving the muscle endurance of the fitness itself, so that the fitness Can adapt to high-intensity training faster.

steroids chinaTherefore, the impact of the two for the increase in muscles is that there is no comparability at all, and there is no comparability.

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