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Steroid use

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The dosage of steroids is variable and there is no prescribed mode of use. Users usually learn fitness knowledge by listening to the experiences of their peers and practicing by themselves. Many people believe that current laws have made the fitness industry worse because users cannot get professional advice, guidance or treatment. In any case, the number of people using steroids now exceeds one million, but the real number may be much higher, and this number will get bigger and bigger.

Bodybuilders are probably the largest group using steroids, and they are used in almost every sport. "Steroids" refer to various drugs derived from testosterone. The purpose of these drugs is to improve the secretion of hormones, thereby increasing the anabolic (muscle production) effect and reducing the androgenic (virilization) effect. All these steroids have androgenic and anabolic properties. Except for a few reckless people, most users use steroids on a regular basis, which means they use these drugs on a regular basis. After a course of treatment, athletes usually rest for a period of time, usually 12 weeks. What is the course of medication

Drugs, dosage and duration are factors to be considered in the course of treatment. However, you need to fully consider these issues before proceeding to the next course of treatment. It is illegal to use or buy steroids without a prescription; a bad drug test can end athletes’ careers or endorsement contracts; it can also be detrimental to their relationships. After a course of steroids, users often want to continue using steroids. Unfortunately, the benefits of these steroids will disappear over time after the treatment is over, so if users want these benefits not to disappear, they will be forced to continue using steroids.

Ideally, users are well-educated and understand the differences between these steroids so that they can choose the steroid that suits them. Unfortunately, most users' information is known from black market dealers, and their choices are limited to the products in the dealer’s inventory. Therefore, athletes need continuous learning to find the right steroids for them.

Few bodybuilders use only one steroid. Instead, they use a combination of two or more steroids to get the most benefit. This practice is called "stacking". Experienced users will use steroids by themselves, while novices tend to use oral orals.

There are three basic types of treatments: quality, cut and compromise. Different drugs can choose different types of treatment courses.


Quality treatment

The quality treatment course relies on high-dose androgenic steroids, especially testosterone esters (enanthate, cypiate, Sustanon), plus androgenic oral steroids (Dianabol, Anadrol). These special steroids are very effective, partly because they can easily aromatize estrogen, such as estradiol. Most bodybuilders avoid traditional quality treatments because high levels of estrogen may cause side effects such as edema, fat hyperplasia, and gynecomastia. These side effects are very common, and the probability of side effects after using some steroids will increase with the increase of the dose. Therefore, estrogen receptor blockers or aromatase inhibitors are often used in this type of treatment.

Over the years, drug use patterns have changed dramatically. In the early days, the doses of steroids used by people were not as large as they are today, possibly due to the limited production of early-rising drugs. In the 70s and 80s, people in the sports and fitness circles have already started using steroids. It was during this time that stacking methods and large doses became popular. However, even so, the dosage should be reasonably controlled. Bodybuilders should implement a pyramidal steroid plan, and the dose of steroids should be used less and less. In the past few years, most experienced users have not reduced the dose of steroids.

Although larger doses seem to be more effective, it is also prone to problems. Steroids are psychotropic hormones, which means that they can change a person’s mood or temper. For those with mental problems, this may exacerbate mental illness. It is wise to adjust the dosage appropriately and be cautious when using steroids. Unless an additional drug is used to stimulate the production of natural testosterone (such as hCG), it will take several months for testosterone to return to its natural level. This reduction in natural testosterone secretion can lead to depression, muscle atrophy and infertility. Due to the pharmacokinetics of the drug, the sustained-release ester (enanthate, decanoate) in our body will gradually decrease. W. DYZ338331912

The quality treatment course is relatively short, lasting 4 to 10 weeks. It is not uncommon for people to gain 30 to 50 pounds in a few months due to heavy use of drugs. Most of the weight gain is water and fat, so the weight will be restored soon after the treatment is over. In this type of treatment, edema and fat gain occur as fast as muscle growth. And the breast growth of men and women will be much more frequent than expected, and some of the breast growth is hidden under the fat in the breasts.


Examples of quality treatments

Week 1: Use 200 mg of testosterone twice; dianabol 10-20 mg/day

Weeks 2-8: Use testosterone twice a week, 400 mg each time; dianabol 20-50 mg/day

Week 9: Dianabol 15-0 mg/day.

Week 10-Week 11: hCG.

Other supportive drugs: Arimidex, Nolvadex, Proscar, insulin.

Cutting course

The cutting course relies on high-dose anabolic steroids, because androgen can cause a lot of edema and fat hyperplasia, which is caused by the conversion of androgenic steroids into estrogen. This treatment is not so popular because its effects are not so intuitive. Common drug choices include Deca durabolin, Winstrol and select orals (Winstrol, Anavar, Primobolan).

Experienced bodybuilders may use large doses of drugs directly in the course of treatment, while many people will constantly modify the drugs and dosages during the course of treatment. Although the cutting course is not prone to side effects, the orals used may be toxic to the liver. Perhaps the biggest problem is the use of other weight-loss drugs, such as DNP, clenbuterol, etc., in the treatment.

Although the drugs used in cutting-type treatment do not have many side effects and do not cause mental problems, if auxiliary drugs are not used to re-stimulate natural testosterone production, the user will be at risk.

Examples of cutting treatments

Week 1: Take 200 mg of decabolin twice a week; Winstrol 6-10 mg/day

Week 2-Week 12: Take 400 mg of decabolin twice a week; Winstrol 10-20 mg/day

Week 13-14: Winstrol 0-20 mg/day

Week 15-16: hCG

Other auxiliary drugs: Clenbuterol, ephedrine, DNP, growth hormone

Compromise treatment

The last steroid course is the most common, because most users are not competitive athletes and do not expect so many side effects. Most users are non-competitive weightlifters. For some people, this is in pursuit of a more attractive physique, for others, it is just to challenge themselves. In any case, the reason for the prosperity of the black market is the needs of students, blue-collar workers and white-collar professionals; in the black market you can buy all kinds of steroids.

People with perfect physique are very attractive. Even with specialized training and strict diet control, it is beyond the reach of most people to achieve this physique, which creates a demand for steroids. Few people hope to obtain a perfect physique through strict diet and a lot of training. Most people want to maximize their muscles during training, and can easily acquire the physique of comic characters or action heroes.

They hope to see the effect immediately after using the drug. They don’t care if their quadriceps are streaked; they are more interested in getting six pack abs. Therefore, in order to achieve these goals, an appropriate amount of male hormones and anabolic steroids can be used. The most popular drugs in history are Deca durabolin and Dianabol. These drugs can make your muscles grow quickly. Dan Duchaine once said that Deca and D-bol are the most effective drugs for muscle growth. These drugs have become very popular because many companies have closed down due to government pressure.

The drug dosage requirements of the compromised course are not particularly large, so side effects are not common. Therefore, these drugs can last 12 to 16 weeks. The doses used by amateur users are often not particularly large, because they want to be as low-cost as possible, or do not know how large they need to be.


Compromise treatment

Week 1: Equipoise 100 mg twice a week; dianabol 5-10 mg/day

Weeks 2-12: Equipoise 300 mg twice a week; dianabol 10-30 mg/day

Week 13: 0-20 mg of Dianabol per day

14 weeks: hCG

Other supportive drugs: Arimidex, ephedrine

Vulnerable people

Obviously, steroids can enhance the training effect and can be used to improve sports performance. After understanding the expected effects and side effects of the drug, it is important to choose steroids. Over the years, with the occurrence of side effects and people's demand for auxiliary drugs (aromatase inhibitors, reductase inhibitors, hCG), the use of drugs has continued to increase. These drugs may be used for as long as 4 weeks, or they may last for several months.

Today, the use of steroids is still rampant, and the pressure to succeed has led many people to consider drugs. An uninformed athlete may make the wrong decision without knowing it. So bodybuilders need a reliable source of information, because these groups are easily misled about the use of steroids.

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