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Chemical Name: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate, Mix of Testosterone

Dosage: 250mg/ml x 10ml multi doses vial and 250ml/ml x 1ml in single dose ampoule

Androgen 100

Anabolic 100

estrogenic activity

low progesterone activity

Common Forms Injection Oil

"SUSTANON250" is the first testosterone product introduced by Organon, which was developed to complete Organon's "hormone replacement therapy". It is made from a blend of 4 different testosterone lipids: 30mg testosterone propionate + 60mg testosterone phenylpropionate + 60mg testosterone isocaproate + 100mg testosterone caprate, a total of 250mg testosterone lipids, so the name has "250" typeface. "hormone replacement therapy" - some people have low testosterone levels for some reason, their body may not be producing the normal 2.5-11mg of testosterone per day, maintaining normal male characteristics, or To get enough male secondary sexual characteristics, testosterone must be taken externally. However, common testosterone products release testosterone either too fast or too slowly, making it cumbersome to use, requiring patients to go to the hospital for injections every 2 or 3 days. Therefore, in order to simplify treatment, Organon developed SUSTANON250, which is specially formulated to smoothly release sufficient amounts of testosterone for up to a month, thus facilitating "hormone replacement therapy" - patients only need to go to Once the hospital is OK.

"SUSTANON250" has been known as "super testosterone" or "advanced testosterone" for a long time. The reason for this reputation is largely due to the "Godfather of Steroids" - Dan Duchaine, on its evaluation , (Dan Duchaine, known as the "Godfather of Steroids", wrote the "Underground Steroid Manual", which is the bible of the steroid industry. The email news means that the steroid industry has introduced new drugs, new methods and new theories. Many famous drugs were introduced into the bodybuilding industry by him back then, such as: SUSTANON250, Boldenone, Primobolan, etc. ...want to learn more about this godfather of steroids, who mentioned in the Bible that "A steroid novice can expect to gain about 20 pounds within a couple of months by using only 250 mg of Sustanon a week." —— "Even a steroid rookie can gain 20 pounds by using 250mg of SUSTANON250 per week for two consecutive months." This passage, which is now quoted by various websites, is such a provocative summary, plus The appeal of the "Godfather" has made SUSTANON250 sell as much in the past 20 years, which is comparable to the "king of expansion" DECA. Even now, SUSTANON250 is still regarded by many people as the most advanced product of testosterone, and its sales Still at the top of the list.

Take a closer look at his ingredients. 4 kinds of testosterone lipids are mixed together: 30mg testosterone propionate + 60mg testosterone phenylpropionate + 60mg testosterone isocaproate + 100mg testosterone caprate. One of them is short-chain lipids (testosterone propionate). The lipid chain of testosterone propionate is very short, with only 3 carbon chains (so it is called "propionic acid" -- whichever means "third"), active The time is 2-3 days, so the peak blood concentration can be reached quickly, so that the patient can get enough testosterone on the second day of injection. There are also two medium-chain lipids (testosterone phenylpropionate and testosterone isocaproate), which are medium in length and have a slightly longer release time than testosterone propionate, with an active time of 5 days. The reason why these two medium-chain lipids are added is to "plug in" after the testosterone propionate is exhausted. Testosterone propionate peaked around the second day of injection, after which its concentration dropped significantly, and these two medium-chain lipids reached their peak blood just at this time, thus maintaining testosterone levels in the patient. Finally, there is a good long-chain lipid (testosterone caprate), which is the one attached to the famous king of bloat, and consists of up to 10 carbon chains. It takes a long time to break free from this huge lipid chain. Thanks to it, the release time of "Deca Durabolin" is as long as more than 1 month (so the Chinese name is called "long-acting Durabolin"), and with this lipid chain, it also has a very long active time . Obviously, it is used to continue to provide testosterone to the patient when the previous three testosterone lipids are exhausted.

These 4 testosterone lipids combine to form a cocktail that slowly releases testosterone for up to a month. However, please keep in mind that SUSTANON250" is a drug used to implement "hormone replacement therapy" treatment, not specifically designed for bodybuilding. And it is designed for "convenience", so these testosterone fats are simply mixed together , does not add any ingredients for optimization or promotion. Because it is a simple "mixing", there is no technology that can be called a patent, so a large number of other manufacturers have also developed their own testosterone mixtures based on this design idea ( Such as Supertest, T400, etc.), don't worry about patent infringement. The difference between these testosterone mixtures is only the content of various testosterone lipids. Of course, so far, Organon's "SUSTANON250" is still one of the testosterone mixtures. The most famous and the most sold.

For bodybuilding, its "slow release" feature is not an advantage, but a disadvantage - the amount of testosterone released slowly by "SUSTANON250" may be slightly under-heated for bodybuilding (remember, " SUSTANON250" is used to treat "androgen insufficiency" diseases, so the treatment drug only needs to release 2.5-11mg of testosterone per day) Since there are both short-chain and long-chain lipids in the same injection, it seems " The SUSTANON250” can be both a KickStart and a Bulking base on its own. But after careful analysis, it is not easy to achieve "two birds with one stone". In theory, if we inject a 250mg injection of "SUSTANON250", then in one day 30mg of testosterone propionate will quickly go to the front line and be "destroyed". The medium chain lipid component will be fully released within 1 week, which means a total of about 150mg will be released within a week. The remaining 100mg of long-chain lipids will be slowly released over the next 3-4 weeks. It is estimated that you have already seen the problem, that is, an injection of "SUSTANON250" actually only released 150mg in one week, and the testosterone propionate that can really cause "KickStart" is only a mere 30mg, which is completely insufficient. . . . . . . On the other hand, the long-chain lipid "testosterone caprate" that works in Bulking is only 100mg, which is not enough for long-term Bulking. The most unpleasant is the two medium-chain fats "testosterone phenylpropionate" and "testosterone isocaproate", which account for the largest amount, and their total amount reaches as much as 120mg. Their duration of action is perfect for treatment, just as a bridge between long and short chain lipids, but in bodybuilding applications, their duration of action is neither short enough nor long enough, just in embarrassment s position. . . . . . The easiest way to correct these problems is to increase the injection volume, and don't expect it to be true as Dan Duchaine said: "Even a steroid rookie can gain 20 pounds with 250mg of SUSTANON250 per week for two consecutive months. "(unless you've really never used steroids) It turns out that 250mg is definitely not enough for an athlete who has already used steroids, at least 500mg per week (that is, two shots) is a must. . Two injections per week, you can get 60mg Testosterone Propionate 120mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate 120mg Testosterone Isocaproate 200 Testosterone Caprate, enough to play the dual role of "KickStart" and "Bulking". Note, however, that instead of a single 500mg injection, 250mg is given every Monday morning and Thursday afternoon (that is, every 3.5 days). This is to take full advantage of both medium chain lipids, giving them 3.5 days to release, acting as a secondary "KickStart". Since "SUSTANON250" is a mixture of various testosterone lipids, in general, it is a drug with variable usage. Novices can rely on it to "kill two birds with one stone", while veterans can use it to do something special, such as the steroid cycle of powerlifters, whose cycle not only needs to grow muscle and strength, but also needs to make the whole nerve before the competition. Systemic sensitization, among others, requires frequent replacement of various drugs with different properties in their circulation. At this time, testosterone lipids are also needed as a basis in the circulation, but it cannot rely on only one long-chain lipid of testosterone, because long-term use of one long-chain lipid will lead to receptor passivation, making the receptors respond to other drugs. Not strong enough, therefore, "SUSTANON250" this kind of mixture has become one of the best choices. Of course, the most common usage of "SUSTANON250" is to use it as "advanced testosterone". As mentioned above, "250mg each in the morning on Monday and afternoon on Thursday" is the optimal method of use. Others about superposition are similar to testosterone enanthate, so I will not repeat them.

Finally, two old injustices that need to be clarified:

One is about the "mysterious local boost" effect of "SUSTANON250".

It is rumored on the Internet that the muscle that "SUSTANON250" is injected into will grow faster, which is called "local promotion effect". Think about it, this is indeed a very powerful function. If there is any part of your body that has been lagging behind for a long time and is very uncoordinated, you can use this function to improve it. It is said that this effect is due to: "Due to the benzene ring in the medium chain lipid testosterone phenylpropionate in SUSTANON250, it has a restraining effect on testosterone propionate, so that most of the testosterone propionate is retained in the injected muscle, which makes This muscle gets much more testosterone than other muscles and naturally grows faster.” . . . . . However, it has been proved that this effect does not exist, and the origin of this old unjust case is completely a big joke. The genuine SUSTANON250, whose specification is 250mg/ml, became famous after it first entered the bodybuilding industry, but its price was extremely expensive at the time, so some people tried to make it according to the ratio of 30:60:60:100. The result of configuring SUSTANON250 is that the prepared liquid does contain so many ingredients, and its effect is the same as that of the genuine product, but the liquid itself is as much as 7 or 8ml. So much liquid is injected into the muscles without swelling. Weird. This success has caused many people to follow suit, but the result of this partial expansion has spread like wildfire and has become a false rumor. . . . . . Among the current muscle building products, only "HuIGF-1" has this function.

Second, on "enlargement and hyperplasia"

Another old injustice is that "the muscle-enhancing effect of SUSTANON250 is achieved through the proliferation of muscle cells and muscle fibers". Is that so? Let’s review, isn’t SUSTANON250 a combination of several testosterone fats, and its muscle-building principle is of course the muscle-building principle of testosterone, so let’s take a look at how testosterone promotes muscle growth. First, there are two mechanisms for muscle growth. One is "Hypertrophy" - tissue hypertrophy: an organ or tissue expands in size due to its increased composition. For example, the more protein stored in a muscle fiber cell, the thicker the muscle fiber cell. Almost all steroids inflate muscles by causing muscle cells to store more protein. In other words, the mechanism of steroid muscle building is to follow "Hypertrophy" (you haven't forgotten, testosterone is one of steroids, so the muscle building mechanism of testosterone should be... Can't answer? Fuck! You still go to hell!!)

The second is "Hyperplasia" - quantitative hyperplasia, hypertrophy: refers to an increase in the number of cells in an organ or tissue, causing the organ or tissue to expand in size. For example, suppose a muscle is composed of 100,000 muscle fiber cells. Now due to the stimulation of a certain drug, the number of muscle fiber cells has increased by 5,000. This muscle has 105,000 muscle fiber cells, so the volume of this muscle is natural. Also increased by 5%. Generally speaking, Hypertrophy is caused by male hormones, and the Hyperplasia effect can only be caused by substances such as growth hormones. So what is the mechanism of action of testosterone? We often say that testosterone has an anabolic effect, which is due to Testosterone carries the biological signal of "accelerating protein synthesis", and in order for testosterone to transmit this signal to the muscles, he has to go through a complex "procedure", which is a little easier to understand in less terminology - "matching" with DNA. When testosterone or other androgenic steroids (herein collectively referred to as "ligands"), engage with androgen receptors (herein simply referred to as "receptors") to form "ligandee conjugates". The "ligand-receptor" will enter the nucleus, where waiting for the "ligand-receptor" is a region of DNA called the "Androgen Response Element" - Androgen Response Element, or "ARE" for short (this region, as the name suggests, It is a place specially used to exert power on male hormones, it records everything that male hormones can do, and transcribes different information according to different male hormones). The "ligand-receptor binding partner" will accurately recognize and bind to the nucleotide sequence consisting of AREs on DNA. After that, using this "ARE" as a template, the signal of the "synthesized and resident protein" carried by testosterone is transmitted to an mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid). mRNA leaves the nucleus and enters the cytoplasm, where it engages with the RNA (ribonucleic acid) there, and transmits the "synthesize and reside protein" signal to the RNA there. After that, the RNA in the cytoplasm will instruct the cell to "do according to the rules", so the protein in the cell becomes more and more, the cell swells, and the whole muscle becomes thicker.

Here's an analogy: building muscle is like a project, and testosterone is like the leader behind the project. Leaders have their own "ideas" (that is, to synthesize proteins), and the receptors are like secretaries, and the two of them enter the "office" of the nucleus after working together. Find the correct "format" (the ARE segment in the DNA) for issuing the document in the file cabinet (DNA) in the office. According to this "format", the leader writes his "idea" to a "file" (mRNA, messenger). ribonucleic acid). After that, the "document" is handed over to the "engineer" (ribosomes in the cytoplasm), and the "engineer" will specifically direct the "construction" (synthesizing protein) according to this idea. It is worth mentioning that when the "leader" of testosterone has "overreach", it can engage with the "glucocorticoid" receptor, thus preventing the glucocorticoid from exerting its own effect (after the glucocorticoid is engaged with the receptor, signals to break down proteins), because the "secretary" of glucocorticoids is robbed by testosterone. . . . From this whole process, it can be seen that the muscle-building mechanism of testosterone is to prompt muscle cells to stay in protein, thereby expanding the cell volume and achieving the purpose of muscle-building. It obviously follows the "Hypertrophy" mechanism, that is, "increase" rather than "" growth". Experiments have shown that only growth hormone drugs can cause "Hyperplasia" hyperplasia. The reason for such a misunderstanding may be based on the results of research projects like this: comparing bodybuilders of the same age with drugs (SUSTANON250) and college students who have not used drugs, it is found that the muscles of the former are not only large in size, but also in the number of muscle cells. It is also greater than the latter, so it is concluded that the muscle-enhancing effect of SUSTANON250 is achieved by proliferating muscle cells and muscle fibers. In fact, the fact is that exercise and the use of steroids will obviously prompt the body to secrete more "HGH" (growth hormone) and "IGF-1" (insulin-like growth factor 1). "The culprit".

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