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The Guide to Making Your Own Injectable Boldenone undecylenate (EQ)Steroids

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Equipoise is another one of those veterinary steroids that have achieved some sort of internet circle simply for being a fringe product. Equipose is the trade name for a injectable preparation of Boldenone with the undeclynate ester. Boldenone was actually an attempt to create a non methylated version of dbol, but it acts nothing like dbol which comes back to the point that when you modify the compound you change the effects.

EQ is apparently notable for promoting a huge increase in red blood cell count (all steroids do this to varying degrees however), which has lead to a perception of being a compound suited to "endurance" or "conditioning, and promoting appetite considerably (again, an effect most steroids have). EQ is a lot like testosterone in many respects, but it converts to estradiol at a lesser rate. It's a good mass builder and a fairly solid strength compound, but overall is slightly weaker, probably due to it being less androgenic (women have successfully used this drug with very little virilization).

You may be a little weary about ordering raw materials for steroids instead of ready-made tabs, amps or vials, but we will put your mind at ease in a minute here. Contemplate the benefits of powders :

The cost is only 40-60% of the normal cost
2.They take only a short time to prepare
3.They are easier and cheaper to ship than amps or vials
4.Less chance of your order getting seized by customs
5.Unlike vials and amps, they come with a refund/reship policy

You will need benzyl alcohol, syringes, a container that will hold 25 ml and oil (arachis or sesame oil). Because we will inject this, the oil needs to be sterile. To sterilize it heat the oil to 212 degrees F (100 degrees C). In the mean time use a syringe to fill your container with EXACTLY 25 ml of pure water. Mark the container at the water level. use the syringe to take out 0.8 ml and make another mark. Your container is now marked at 24.2 ml and 25 ml. Dump out the water and let the container dry. let the oil cool off.

Dump the boldenone oil (5 g) in the container, add oil until it reaches the 24.2 ml mark. Then add Benzyl alcohol until it reaches the 25 ml mark. Seal your container and shake it well. You are now ready to use the product. It is a boldenone undecylenate solution at 200 mg/ml. I suggest a weekly injection of 2 ml (400 mg) for a period of 10-12 weeks. At this rate the product will last you 12.5 weeks.

Side effects wise, Equipoise seems to be a pretty mild drug.

Mass building: Good
Strength building: okay
fat loss: okay
Aromatises: moderately
Side effects: low
Cost: moderate
Popular esters: Undecylenate (very long), acetate (short)

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