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The best human growth peptides supplier in China

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Sendor Biological Technology Co., Ltd has invested much funds for perfect equipment, advance detecting instruments and excellent R&D teams ever since its foundation.

Through years of struggle, Sendor has laid a solid foundation in healthy and sustainable development in management, market, technology, talent, enterprise images and other aspects.

There are thousands of human growth peptides in the human body, which dominate the growth, development, reproduction, metabolism and other life processes of the human body.

Nowadays, with the progress of scientific research and technology, human growth peptides synthesized in vitro are more and more active, such as small molecular peptides with anti-virus, immune enhancement and anti radiation, enzymatic peptides with anti hyperlipidemia and cholesterol reduction, etc. They play many unexpected magical roles in daily life.

The role of human growth peptides

1. Sterilization:

Dissolve small molecular peptide powder in a basin of water to clean underwear, which can play the role of sterilization and disinfection.

2. Strong hair root:

Mix small molecular peptide powder with shampoo to wash hair, which can strengthen hair roots, protect scalp and make hair soft and bright.

3. Enhanced activity:

Using a small amount of small molecular peptide powder (about 1g) to raise fish and water flowers can enhance its vitality.

4. Ulcer relief:

Spraying small molecular peptide powder on oral ulcer can quickly alleviate symptoms. All active substances in the human body exist in the form of peptides.

So, what role do human growth peptides play in human tissues and organs?

1. Human growth peptides' help to human body

Rebuild the heart, brain, bone and muscle, and build a healthy circulation of human body.

Repair and nourish various human systems and organs such as bones, cardiovascular system, viscera, muscles, skin, reproductive system, endocrine, hair and nails.

2. Relationship between peptide and bone

Human growth peptides is the reinforcement in the building of bone, while calcium is concrete. Without the existence of reinforcement, the building of bone will be vulnerable.

Therefore, the effect of peptide on bone system is to increase the strength and hardness of hard bone and prevent osteoporosis; Lubricate cartilage, strong ligaments and tendons, fully flex joints, and prevent osteoporosis and arthritis.

3. Benefits of peptides on blood vessels

Small molecule active peptides are the main components of blood vessels. Human growth peptides supplementation can maintain the integrity of vascular wall cells and maintain the softness and toughness of blood vessels.

4. Benefits of human growth peptides in blood clearing

Peptide supplementation can prevent and repair the cracks in the blood vessel wall and avoid the accumulation of triglycerides.

Human growth peptides can inhibit the production of angiotensin (ACE), which is the key factor causing the increase of blood pressure. Therefore, peptides can protect vascular integrity and prevent hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

5. Benefits of peptides on arthritis

Human growth peptides contain immune regulatory factors and metabolic regulatory factors, which can improve the body's immunity, control streptococcal infection, reduce the spread of inflammation, and gradually absorb the inflammatory exudate. In this way, the symptoms of joint swelling and poor activity will disappear.

6. Relationship between human growth peptides and nervous system diseases

Small molecular peptides have good effects on human growth peptides with insomnia, amnesia, Alzheimer's disease, neurasthenia, neuropathic headache and depression.

7. Benefits of peptides on osteogenesis and development

After the human growth peptides enters the human body and reaches the bone with the blood circulation, it will soon synthesize growth hormone, growth hormone releasing factor, somatostatin and thyroid stimulating releasing hormone.

These human growth peptides substances play an important role in the synthesis, growth and development of bone, promote the generation of bone cells and accelerate the growth of bone tissue, so as to shorten the cycle of fracture healing.

8. Can peptides lose weight?

To be exact, it is to achieve the role of shaping. It is conducive to the growth of muscle fibers. At the same time, the body will consume a certain amount of heat and make the skin more compact.

The basic nutrient of life - peptide!

matters needing attention

Human growth peptides is neither medicine nor health food. It is the food of cells. It is as safe as eating. 70% of human cells are composed of peptides, so the human body will not reject them. No side effects.

Because no preservative was added, it was eaten within 12 hours after opening a package of peptides. If mixed with water, please eat it within 1 hour.

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