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The effect of human growth hormone is amazing

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Compared with others, we are no stranger to auxin: it is secreted by the pituitary gland and is of great significance in cell regeneration, growth and development and maintaining body health. The history of human research on auxin has exceeded 100 years, and the synthetic auxin of gene recombination has been available for 30 years and approved by FDA.

Auxin has outstanding effect in promoting fat reduction. Experiments show that auxin can accelerate fat metabolism by promoting the hydrolysis of triglycerides. If auxin is lacking, the ability of human fat metabolism will be greatly weakened.

An empirical study was published in human growth hormone research, an international famous Hormone Research Journal: 24 obese subjects were given a low calorie diet, half of them were treated with exogenous auxin and the other half were treated with placebo. The experiment was a double-blind design for 12 weeks.

The results showed that the fat reduction rate of auxin group was 1.6 times that of placebo group, and the decrease of visceral fat was very significant.

In terms of lean body weight, the subjects in the placebo group decreased significantly, but the auxin group not only did not reduce the lean body weight, but also increased it (it should be noted that the dietary arrangement of this experiment is low in calories, and it is impossible to increase the lean body weight under natural conditions).

This is a great blessing for people who are worried that they will lose muscle when they lose fat.

The experimental results strongly illustrate the strong role of auxin in impairment. Not only that, it also has a significant muscle increasing effect, and the effect speed is much faster than generally thought.

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