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The top three human growth hormone suppliers in China

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The first China human growth hormone supplier is Sendor Biological Technology Co., Ltd

As famous human growth hormone supplier, Sendor Biological Technology Co., Ltd, also known as sendor , is a professional and reputable enterprise. We have been specializing in high-tech pharmaceutical and chemical products.

We are dedicated in the scientific research and production of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, Raw Steroid powders, including Testosterone Powder, Testosterone Enanthate Powder, Testosterone Propionate Powder, Testosterone Cypionate Powder, Nandrolone Decanoate Powder, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Powder,  Methenolone Enanthate Powder, Trenbolone Powder, Boldenone Undecylenate Powder, Trenbolone Enanthate Powder, Drostanolone Propionate Powder, etc.

As famous human growth hormone, Sendor enterprise has invested much funds for perfect equipment, advance detecting instruments and excellent R&D teams ever since its foundation.

Through years of struggle, Sendor  has laid a solid foundation in healthy and sustainable development in management, market, technology, talent, enterprise images and other aspects.

In recent years, our products, mainly raw steroid powders are exported well into U.S., Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Australia and many other areas.

Our company gains high reputation among our old and new clients through the highest quality, best price, fast and safe delivery as well as the excellent customer service.

Our employees adhere to unity, passioncient to do our work.

Sharing our wisdom, dedicating our team, and finally achieving the win-win situation of the clients, employees and companies.

Welcome to contact us for mutual double win business cooperation! For any item you are interested in purchasing that is not listed in our catalog, please submit any in detailed information to the sales department to obtain a quotation.

It will be helpful if you can tell us CAS #, quantity, purity, as well as any additional specifications you require.

The second China human growth hormone supplier is Weike

As famous human growth hormone, Weike company specializes in the R & D and production of biological products and drugs.

The company covers an area of 46 mu, with a greening area of 18 mu, beautiful environment and elegant architecture.

The plant is planned and designed by the world-famous Italian design company steril S.p.A. and built in strict accordance with national GMP, American FDA and EU GMP standards. All production equipment are imported from famous European manufacturers.

In 2004 and 2008, it successfully passed the GMP certification of the State Food and Drug Administration and obtained the GMP certificate and drug production license.

As famous human growth hormone, The company has a high-quality professional and technical team composed of overseas returned experts, doctors and experts with senior technical titles.

The business backbone has more than 10 years of professional work experience.

The employees have a high level of professional knowledge and skills, and have deep experience accumulation and technical strength in the R & D, pilot test and scale-up production of recombinant drugs.

As famous human growth hormone, The company is planning to build a world-class new drug R & D center, introduce advanced technologies and patented products from the United States, and invite world-class scientists to lead scientific research, so as to lead the company's great leap forward development.

The third China human growth hormone supplier is Tianwei

As famous human growth hormone supplier, Tianwei company is a high-tech company specializing in API research and injection development and production.

Founded in 2001, the company was transformed and established by the biotechnology development center of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute.

It is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and a subsidiary of an enterprise directly under the central government.

As famous human growth hormone, the company mainly deals in high-quality API and preparation products, and has plants and equipment certified by GMP.

The main products include biochemical, hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering, antifungal series products, etc.

Fermentation and biochemical products enjoy a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

As famous human growth hormone, the company has four technology R & D platforms: biological extraction, microbial fermentation, chemical synthesis and preparation research.

It can independently carry out the R & D of various difficult API and preparation products.

Relying on the abundant resources of China Pharmaceutical Group, the company has unique advantages in the R & D and industrialization of high-precision products.

As famous human growth hormone, the company has more than 60% of high-quality employees with undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The main business managers and business backbones have experienced the hardships of scientific and technological entrepreneurship.

They have the excellent character of diligence, dedication, preciseness, focus, loyalty and initiative.

They are good at tackling key scientific and technological problems and are good at rapid implementation of successful industrialization.

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