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To order steroid hormone powders instead of ready-made Vials

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steroid hormone powders

Both steroid powders and ready-made vials have big market nowsdays, as am experienced supplier of steroids, we have some tips to the buyers that when you are heisating between the powders and ready-nade vials, powders is a better option.

1. The cost is low

The price of powders are much cheaper than ready-made vials, for the same product, the price of ready-made vials is about 20-40 times of the powder. Powders, can save a lot of money for you. Then some friends may say, if i buy powders i don't know the procedures of making them into injestions or tablets. don't worry, usually a good supplier can give you a detailed instruction of the conversion receipes.

2. They take only a short time to prepare

As you know, the packing of steroid hormone powder is simple. Just alumail foil bag. Normally, there will be enough powder in stock. It can be well prepared for shipping in short time. Regarding to ready-made Vials it will takes much more time. There are so many things need to be prepared before shipping. To order steroid hormone powders takes only a short time to prepare compare to ready-made Vials.

3. They are easier and cheaper to ship than amps or vials

Peopel who have engaged in this field should know the biggest barrier is shipment. However shipment of ready-made vials is much more difficult than powders, for expalme, shipping powders to US and some EU countries is almost no problem, while when it comes to the ready-made vials, problem occure frequently. And for some custom hard countries such as Brazil, Canada, Australia, selodm do the ready-made vials pass smoothly, but relatively speaking, the steroid powders is much more easier to pass.

For many a time, when a client buy ready-made vials, it usually end up with paying much but receive nothing.

To order steroid hormone powders is easier and cheaper than amps or vials.

4. Less chance of your order getting seized by customs.

As is know to all, the steroid hormone is prohibited in most countries. Especially, the customs in VERY strict in Canada, Brazil, Australia and so on.

To order steroid hormone powders instead of ready-made Vials is much more safe.

The ready-made Vials is more easily to be checked by the customs . However , the steroid hormone powder is easily to be 'disguised'. For example , they can bewritten as "Amino acids" for instead and so on. The item names written on the customs declaration papers are adjusting according to the product's colors and characteristics in fact. To order steroid hormone powders instead of ready-made Vials, Or your parcels will be belong to the customs.

In conclusion, to order steroid hormone powders instead of ready-made Vials. To steroid hormone powders, you can save your money, time. It has so many benefits.


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