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Turinabol 10mg

Pharmaceutical Name: Turinabol

Chemical Name: 4 4chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

Chem.Abstr.Name: 4-chloro-17b-hydroxy-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-dien-3-one

Molecular Structure: C20H27O2Cl

Molecular Weight: 334.8854

Androgenic activity no data available

Anabolic activity>100

No estrogenic activity

Low progesterone activity (no data available)

Brief introduction of Triton:

Turinabol is a potent derivative of Dianabol. This oral steroid is structurally a cross between Dianabol and Chlorostaple, with the same base structure as Dianabol, with the addition of a 4-chlorotestosterone modification. This change makes Teranabol a milder cousin to Dianabol, which has no estrogenic activity and less androgenic activity than Dianabol. The anabolic activity of Terapone is also slightly lower than that of Dianabol, but Terapone maintains a more favorable balance of anabolic and androgenic effects. This means that androgenic side effects are less likely to occur with the use of Terabol in the cycle.

The history of Triton products:

Turinabol was first developed and marketed in the East German prescription drug market by the German company Jenapharm in 1962 under the trade name: Turinabol. In the medical market, Terabine is not only suitable for adult men, but also for women and children. Turinabol was manufactured in 1 mg and 5 mg tablets at the time, and lower doses of the drug were available for more sensitive populations. Turinabol is used for many medical purposes; primarily for those patients who are focused on building or preserving muscle tissue and bone mass.

Interestingly, Turinabol received public attention in the 1990s due to a doping scandal, when it was discovered that Turinabol was one of the secret drugs closely watched in the "East German Doping Machine", a reference to state-sponsored doping programs, 1974 Operated in East Germany from 1989 to 1989. This was East Germany's doping program at the Olympics at the time, designed with one goal in mind: to evade drug testing at the Olympics, and in many cases East German Olympic athletes, both male and female, were unwitting participants, Their trainer told them that the pills they were taking were "vitamins". These vitamins were Turinabol, which was developed in East Germany at the time. Turinabol was a potent and undetectable anabolic steroid at the time. During the event, as many as 10,000 athletes were given anabolic steroids by coaches. Many of them took Turinabol, and if you want to learn more about this remarkable historical event, including the participation of several former East German officials in trials, I recommend you check out Steven Ungerleider's book Faust's Gold: East Inside the German Doping Machine (Faust's Gold: Inside the East German Doping Machine)". Jenapharm would stop producing Turinabol in 1994, when Turinabol was discovered to be part of an East German doping scandal and made public. Two years later, Germany's Schering Pharma (now Bayer) acquired Jenapharm, but Schering did not bring but not choose Territoric back to the market after the acquisition. Since then, this anabolic steroid has never been made by a real pharmaceutical company.

Structural characteristics of Telinabol: Illustration: (middle)

Turin is a modified form of testosterone. It differs in that:

1. Adds a methyl group to carbon 17-alpha, which helps protect hormone activity during oral administration

2. Introducing a double bond between carbon 1 and carbon 2 (1-ene), which changes the anabolic to androgen ratio to favor anabolism

3. The attachment of the chlorine group on carbon 4, which inhibits the aromatization of the hormone and further reduces its androgenic properties.

The functional characteristics of Triton:

On the basis of function, the characteristics of Tribolide are very simple. Like most anabolic steroids, Terabine has a positive effect on the body's protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, as well as increasing red blood cell levels. These effects are all important for muscle growth because they enhance the anabolic environment in the user. Protein synthesis is the main building block for muscle growth. The use of telexin will speed up the speed and efficiency of protein synthesis in cells. Nitrogen retention is also a very important part of muscle growth. Insufficient nitrogen can easily lead to catabolism, which may occur as we said. The phenomenon of "losing muscle", while the nitrogen-rich environment can promote anabolism. (This is the gimmick "positive nitrogen balance" commonly used by some protein powder companies. In fact, it has been proved that only the use of steroids can achieve this positive nitrogen balance effect. The advertisement of protein powder is completely a gimmick of false advertising), reserved Higher amounts of nitrogen will promote a more favorable anabolic environment for the body. The function of red blood cells in the blood is to carry oxygen and an increase in red blood cell levels means higher oxygen saturation in the blood, which in turn will equal greater muscular endurance. All of these characteristics promoted by Turinabol are very beneficial to the body in terms of its ability to recover after training. While the effects of Turinabol on protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and red blood cells are not as dramatic as those of many other steroids, Turinabol is milder and less effective because it is not aromatized by the body and does not It has estrogenic activity, which means cleaner growth for users, especially for athletes preparing for competition. It is also a very worthwhile drug of choice. The mildness of Terabol makes it very attractive. But there is another feature that greatly enhances its value, Terapex has the ability to significantly reduce sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), although it does not have the ability to carry SHBG as potently as several other steroids (SHBG sex hormone binding globulin) globulin), but the effect of Treasure is still very significant. This reduction in SHBG increases free testosterone and the body is able to obtain more of the active ingredient from the other steroids being used, which means that the use of Terabine can synergistically amplify the effects of the other steroids.

Arrangements for the use of Triton:

There is no doubt that Turinabol is more effective for real sports players. I'm referring to real competitive athletes, not bodybuilders who are doing muscle shows on stage, athletes who use Terrabola will see a significant increase in their strength, they can run faster in competitive competition, Jump higher, of course, Turinabol does not help athletes directly improve their athletic performance, what it can do is help you further improve and improve your body's athletic performance. More than 20 years of use by East German athletes in the Olympic Games has proven the effectiveness of Terabine, which can greatly improve the efficiency of muscle recovery. When the season begins, athletes will begin to enter into a period of rapid fat loss, and Teralibol is best used during the fat loss period. It can help maintain lean body mass while increasing muscle stiffness. This effect is similar to that of stanozolol. The effect of maintaining lean body mass and improving the ability of the body to recover from a caloric deficit is invaluable during fat loss. It retains muscle well in the environment, so as to achieve the effect of losing fat without losing muscle and even gaining lean body mass. In simple terms, Terabol is not an ideal off-season steroid, it does not cause particularly crazy muscle like Deka. growth, although the effects of Terabol for muscle growth are also very significant. What Turinabol does is pure muscle growth because Turinabol is not aromatized. It does not store water or fat. By reducing the level of sex hormone-binding globulin in the body, most athletes who do not want to gain too much fat in the off-season will also arrange the use of Triton in the off-season cycle.

Pharmacokinetics of Telibu

High bioavailability

Metabolic pathway liver

Elimination half-life 16 hours

Excretion route Urine

Teratone side effects: estrogen

Turin is not aromatized by the human body and has no estrogenic activity. When using Turin, there is no need to worry about estrogen even in sensitive individuals. Since estrogen is usually the culprit of water storage in the body, using Turin No need to worry about water storage, which makes it a very beneficial steroid in the fat loss cycle

Teratone side effects: androgens

Turinabol does not have strong androgenic properties in structure, but since Turinabol is a DHT derivative, which means that although it has strong androgenic properties, it can still cause androgen-related side effects, such as skin acne, Accelerates hereditary alopecia and body hair growth, etc. At the same time, because Treasure itself is a DHT derivative and is not affected by 5-alpha reductase, the use of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors has little effect on Treasure.

Terabine side effects: Liver toxicity

Turin has added a methyl group to carbon 17-alpha, so Turin is a c17-alpha methylated compound, this change is used to protect the drug from inactivation by the liver, allowing a very high percentage of the drug's activity to be administered orally After the drug enters the bloodstream, C17-α alkylated anabolic/androgenic steroids are hepatotoxic. Long-term or high-dose use may cause liver damage. Attention should be paid to liver protection during use.

Teratone side effects: Cardiovascular

Turinabol has a significant effect on cholesterol. This results in an increase in LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and a decrease in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). The effect of steroids on blood lipids depends on dose, route of administration (oral vs. injection), and type of steroid (aromatizable or non-aromatizable). ) and hepatotoxicity. Due to its non-aromatizable nature, as well as its c17-alpha alkylated structure and oral route of administration, Terabine has a strong effect on cholesterol. If you already have high cholesterol and other cardiovascular conditions, you should not use Treasure. If you're in good shape and healthy, it's important to maintain a cardiovascular-friendly lifestyle that includes a diet high in omega fatty acids, saturated fats, and simple sugars, along with plenty of aerobic exercise.

The side effects of Triton: Inhibition of own testosterone secretion

Terrapin suppresses its own testosterone production, exogenous testosterone should be added when used, and all anabolic/androgenic steroids suppress endogenous testosterone secretion when used in doses sufficient to promote muscle gain. When all steroids are discontinued, testosterone levels should return to normal within 1-4 months of drug separation, note that chronic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism may be secondary to steroid abuse, requiring medical intervention, during cycle If you have decided to rest for a period of time after the end, you should start PCT immediately to help the body recover, so as to avoid a lot of loss of results in the body, while maintaining physical function.

Dosage of Tribolide

The clinical dose of Oral Trinone commonly used in medical treatment is generally 5mg per day; in the sports world, the effective oral dose is in the range of 15-40mg per day, while in modern bodybuilding, the dosage of Trinone is generally higher than 30mg. -90mg range, since Terabol is hepatotoxic, cycles of use should be done in cycles of no more than 6-8 weeks to minimize hepatotoxicity.

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