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Usage and measurement of human growth hormone

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Human growth hormone is designed for subcutaneous or intramuscular administration. One milligram of human growth hormone is equivalent to about three international units (3 IU).

When used to treat growth hormone deficiency in adults, the drug is usually administered at a dose of 0.005mg/kg/kg per day to 0.01mg/kg per day.

For people who weigh about 180-220 pounds, this is equivalent to about 1 IU to 3 IU per day.

The long-term maintenance dose was established after reviewing the IGF-1 level and clinical response over time.

When used to improve physique or performance, human growth hormone is usually administered in doses of 1 IU to 6 IU per day (2-4 IU is the most common).

The drug is usually circulated in a similar manner to anabolic / androgen steroids, and the length of intake is usually between 6 and 24 weeks.

It usually takes a longer time for the drug to decompose fat than it does to metabolize fat.

Other drugs are usually used in combination with human growth hormone to cause a stronger response.

Given the known effect of growth hormone on thyroid levels, thyroid drugs (usually T3) are particularly common and can significantly enhance fat reduction during treatment. Insulin is also commonly used for growth hormone.

In addition to counteracting some effects of human growth hormone on glucose tolerance, insulin can increase the sensitivity of receptors to IGF-1 and reduce the level of IGF binding protein-1, allowing more IGF-1 activity 723 (growth hormone itself also reduces the level of IGF binding protein).

724 anabolic / androgen steroids are also commonly taken with growth hormone to maximize potential myogenic effects.

Anabolic steroids can also further increase the level of free IGF-1 by reducing IGF binding protein.

725 please note that the stacking of growth hormone with thyroid drugs and / or insulin is usually very cautious and cautious, as these are particularly strong drugs with potentially serious or life-threatening acute side effects.

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