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What are anabolic steroid powders?

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Anabolic steroid powders are chemical preparations similar to hormones naturally produced by the human body. The drug was originally used to treat some muscle wasting diseases such as hormonal imbalance, endocrine disorders, or AIDS.

These applications are legal. However, it was later found that nabolic steroid powders entered the illegal market and were used by some athletes to improve competition results.

Testosterone, a male hormone, is closely associated with nabolic steroid powders. This is a hormone that is important for sexual development and physiological maturation.

For example, in adolescence, it is responsible for the formation of male characteristics, causing sexual organ development, low voice, hair growth, and semen production. In addition, it also provides anabolic or muscle building effects during adolescence.

In the 21st century, the abuse of nabolic steroid powders in students and professional athletes has aroused widespread public concern. These drugs have seriously disturbed the spirit of fair competition.

Some athletes use the anti decomposition properties of illegal drugs to build muscles and prevent tissue decomposition. Synthetic steroid powders can make them run faster, stronger and perform better.

Therefore, the abuse of such drugs has also aroused strong public condemnation.

Besides taking some side effects, taking synthetic steroid powders will also increase serious health problems such as AIDS related to needle injection.

The drug can be taken into the body by intramuscular injection, oral tablets and liquids, or external ointment absorption. Synthetic steroid abuse is known to be associated with many health risks, such as stroke, liver failure, heart attack and so on.

In addition, it can also cause various male characteristics, such as abnormal growth of fat and hair, changes in female voice, and contraction of male testis.

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