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What is recombinant human growth hormone?

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human growth hormone recombinant human growth hormone is composed of proteins, vitamins, and trace elements. 

Whether in terms of ingredients or content ratios, it is natural, scientific and reasonable, and easily absorbed and utilized by human cells.

Therefore, Sendor Biological Technology Co., Ltd, The services provided by the service center are easier to activate and repair senescent cells, and maintain the normal metabolism of cells, tissues, organs, and systems.

Efficacy of HGH recombinant human growth hormone

1. Increase lean mass in muscle

Through the action of IGF-1, HGH can promote the absorption of muscle cells, promote the synthesis of cellular DNA and RNA, promote the absorption of extracellular proteins, and at the same time increase the storage of carbohydrates and nitrogen elements. 

The result of these effects is to promote the growth of muscle cells and increase the size of the cells, thus increasing the strength of the muscles and the ability and performance of exercise. In a doctoral clinical trial of 12 elderly people, after using it for six months, the lean body mass increased by 8.8%.

2. Reasons why PERFECTHA-HGH can lose weight and lose fat

A) HGH can promote the burning of body fat, and then convert it into the energy needed by the body.

B) All cells in the body have receptors. When HGH engages with the receptors of fat cells, a series of reactions will occur, causing fat cells to be metabolized. This effect is called lipolysis.

C) Another reason is that HGH has an antagonistic effect with insulin.

Insulin can promote the absorption of fat by cells - called fat synthesis, and the effect of HGH is antagonistic to it, so it can prevent the accumulation of body fat. 

HGH is the current The most effective weight loss pills known, and the protagonist of all the different weight loss programs currently known. 

Most of the fat lost by HGH is on the inner side of the upper arm, where it is most pronounced. Therefore, HGH is the only one of the easiest weight loss methods that does not require the patient to painstakingly calculate calories or pay attention to the type of diet.

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