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What is the effect of steroids used by bodybuilders on the body?

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Steroid powders are important hormones for people to maintain life and play a role in regulating blood glucose, protein, fat and other metabolism.

Normal people secrete some every day to maintain normal physiological activities of the body. Clinically, steroids can treat many difficult and miscellaneous diseases and are a very good drug, but many people inject themselves with steroids for fitness, So what are the effects of steroids on the body?

Many people's impression of bodybuilding is not very good. There is only one reason, that is, the abuse of illegal drugs. Because of their existence, the competition is unfair and contrary to the original intention of physical health.

The most representative here is steroids (a general term for a class of hormones, not a specific name), but steroid powders are not the kind of poison that can only destroy health. Steroids were originally developed to treat diseases, not for the fitness industry.

In order to make it easier for more people to understand, in this article, we can imagine steroids as a kind of androgen (there are many kinds in reality).

Steroids were originally used to treat muscle atrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and other diseases. At the same time, they also promote protein synthesis. But I don't know who used steroids in bodybuilding, and the effect of muscle growth after taking steroids is very significant, which has an indissoluble relationship with bodybuilding.

Injection drug

As long as the type and dose of steroid powders are well controlled, even lying down can make you grow muscles. There is a study on steroid muscle enhancement in the top medical weekly New England Medical weekly. The method of this study is as follows:

A group of healthy young people in their early 20s were randomly divided into four groups. The first group did not receive strength training or steroid injection; The second group only did strength training without steroid injection; The third group did not do strength training, only injected steroids; The fourth group received both strength training and steroids. The duration of the experiment was 10 weeks.

The results showed that the muscle weight of the fourth group was three times that of the second group.

The third group gained 60% more muscle weight than the second group. So far, there is no doubt about the muscle increasing effect of steroids. Even without exercise, muscles can grow.

With the advent of adolescence, there is an obvious strength gap between boys and girls without strength training.

The most important reason here is that sex hormones have an impact on the development of the body.

Adult male testes can secrete about 4mg ~ 9mg of testosterone every day, while the male hormone in adult women is only about one twentieth (or less) of that in men.

After steroid powders injection, the concentration of androgen can be higher than the normal level within a certain period of time, and the hormone conditions for synthesizing more muscle can be obtained.

What is the effect of steroid powders used by bodybuilders on the body? Although steroids are a good drug, drugs should be used to treat diseases, and fitness should be carried out in the form of exercise, because the abuse of steroids will not achieve the fitness effect, but will bring a lot of harm to the body.

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