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What is the effect of using steroid powders for fitness for half a year?

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If you know about fitness supplements, you've probably heard of testosterone.

Simply put, testosterone is an androgen that is naturally secreted in our body and has important effects on libido, strength, and health.

In some people's eyes, testosterone is synonymous with libido and muscle.

Therefore, some bodybuilders or athletes use some special methods to increase the level of testosterone in the body, such as injecting synthetic testosterone: steroid powders.

But doctors don't recommend this behavior, because there are many side effects of steroid abuse, such as baldness, acne, enlarged breasts in men, and thicker voices in women, but there are still people who can't resist the temptation.

A fitness coach in Texas, USA, injected steroid powders for half a year, and finally shot a video to summarize his experience.

Whether the side effects of steroids are reflected in him, let's take a look.

experience feelings

1. Increased energy

Because the age of 30 is close to middle age, this fitness coach's previous sleep habit was to sleep 8-9 hours a day, otherwise he would be listless.

Because under normal circumstances, sleep can increase testosterone levels. Generally, testosterone levels are highest in the morning, and you have enough sleep to have energy.

But now with extra testosterone supplements, and occasionally sleeping 6-7 hours, I won't have a hard time waking up the next day.

2. Weight gain easily

Weight before steroids was 187 pounds, about 85kg.

After using steroids for 6 months, the weight has increased to 200 pounds, about 91kg.

Although it seems to be only 6kg and 12 pounds, for a 30-year-old person who has been exercising all year round, such a change is already great.

3. Desire

He admitted that his previous desires were at a normal level, and after certain activities, the desires will subside.

But with steroids, the desire returns 2-3 hours after the activity ends.

It's not hard to understand, because steroids are inherently drugs that treat ED and recurring extreme exhaustion problems.

4. Muscle changes

Admittedly, steroid powders help.

This fitness trainer has gained significant muscle and strength, which shows that steroids are working as they should.

However, it may be that his body has adapted to the new testosterone levels, and he has since felt his muscle gain become slower and slower.

5. Bald

Although steroid powders abuse can easily lead to baldness, the fitness trainer has a high hairline since childhood, so there is no obvious baldness.

And the hair on the face and body grows faster, before shaving once a week, now twice a week.

But in the end, he also said that he was worried that the lack of hair loss might be because the side effects of the drug had not yet appeared. He wanted to do some tests again to see if the dosage should be adjusted.

6. Acne

It did appear, and it was very obvious.

At the beginning, when I injected steroid powders in the local hospital, the dose was relatively large each time. At that time, a lot of acne appeared. Later, I injected myself, and each time the dose was reduced, the rate of appearance became slower.

7. Healed wrist pain

The coach had a problem with his right wrist before, and it hurts very much when doing curls, and he didn't find the reason for it himself.

But after 1-2 months of steroid powders use, the pain went away.

But he didn't ask the doctor about this, not sure if it was the effect of steroids.

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