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Why are steroid powders so important?

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Steroid powders are a kind of organic compounds widely distributed in the biological world. One of its most important classifications is steroid hormones.

Steroid powders can transmit chemical information in organisms. They have a wide variety and play an important role in maintaining life.

The first is glucocorticoids, which are produced in the adrenal gland above the kidney and affect the cells of the whole body.

Glucocorticoids can reduce inflammation and control blood glucose and metabolism; The second category is mineralocorticoids, the most important of which is aldosterone.

Mineralocorticoid is also produced in the adrenal gland. It can send information to the kidney to control the balance of water and electrolyte in the human body.

Without aldosterone, the content of water and sodium ions in the human body will decrease, and the content of potassium ions will increase.

This imbalance will affect the heart; The third category is androgen, that is, male sex hormone, which will bring hair growth and change vocal cords, bones, muscles and reproductive organs; The fourth and fifth categories are estrogen and progesterone, that is, female sex hormones, which are produced by the ovary and act together with the hormones produced by the pituitary gland to control the menstrual cycle.

Anabolic steroids and the difference between medication and non medication

Anabolic steroids is an undisclosed secret of bodybuilders. Drugs are just like brushing teeth and washing face for bodybuilders.

However, for people who do not use drugs, they often attribute all the achievements of bodybuilders to drugs.

In fact, drugs are magical, but they are not as magical as many white people think, It is unrealistic to think of a cycle to reach the height of a professional athlete. So what effect will drug research bring you?

Medicine is just an accelerator. You will get faster and purer growth after using this accelerator. You need to train harder.

Sto's sleep time and more scientific diet to maximize this benefit, A good pharmacist may be able to change the triple experience card into four or even five times through the reasonable combination of drugs.

But whether you spend time brushing the level depends on yourself. Drugs can bring you better visual effects: more turned shoulders, better cutting feeling, better muscle texture and more exaggerated blood vessels.

Drugs will bring you more than these at the same time: you will get better pump feeling, stronger strength, greater appetite, more lasting endurance, faster recovery ability, increase muscle without increasing fat and reduce fat without losing muscle, These are things that white training can never do.

If there are two people, they have the same height and weight, the same muscle mass and the same training level.

One is white body-building for many years, and the other is anabolism. It gives people visual impact.

And the time spent is absolutely different. However, while drugs bring rapid growth, they will also bring corresponding side effects: poor skin condition, increased oil, grumpy temper, self stupid ketone suppression, etc.

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