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  • Growth hormone HGH


    Growth hormoneHGHGrowth hormone is a peptide hormone. It stores water and has no hepatotoxicity. It can strengthen protein synthesis and promote lipolysis. It can promote cell proliferation. It can repair damaged cartilage, tendons and joints, enhance libido and increase metabolism. . Suitable for m Read More

  • Introduction to the four safest steroids


    The debate about anabolic steroids and their safety has continued.Although after years of investigation, research, and personal experience of thousands of people, it is certain that steroids are not as dangerous as what the media do, and at the same time, they are not 100% safe.In fact, just as the Read More

  • Dianabol: Immediate Oral Steroids


    There are a lot of friends who have consulted Dianabol recently. A large part of them are senior bodybuilders who have been training for many years but are in a stagnant period, and many are fitness coaches.This article has relisted some common sense and precautions about Dianabol for everyone. Whet Read More

  • The strongest steroid-trenblone


    1. What is Trenbolone?Trenbolone is a 19-nor steroid in the anabolic category. Trenbolone and Trenbolone belong to this type of steroid. It has the properties of progesterone. Trenbolone has a double bond on the ninth and eleventh carbon chains. , Slows down the rate of metabolism, enhances the abil Read More

  • The most comprehensive steroid category introduction


    Let's first classify steroids into oral and injection categories.Then enter a more detailed classification with different cycles and different purposes.Straight to the point1. Oral1. Weight gain, muscle gain typeStanozolol AnabolSafe to use, relatively mild drugs, increase the number of red blood ce Read More

  • Safety and Effectiveness of Testosterone at 1000 Milligrams per Week


    Q: You talked about a gram per week of testosterone. Isn’t that ridiculous? What about say 200 mg?A: It is my view that the farther one is from one’s natural, untrained state, the harder it is to gain more muscle. There comes a point where the body essentially finds a new balance and may remain at t Read More

  • HGH


    GH, is a peptide produced by the pituitary which enters circulation and works in multiple tissues of the body via the GH receptor. The activated GH receptor provides some effects directly and other effects indirectly by stimulating production of IGF-1. Some increase in GH may be achieved naturally b Read More

  • Basic knowledge of steroids as C and explanation of steroid terms


    Basic knowledge of steroids as C and explanation of steroid terms001 PCT ——Post Cycle Therapy Cycle The meaning of restorative treatment after steroid cycle. Because the anabolic drugs in Cycle cause stress and injury to the body, restorative treatment should be implemented after Cycle.002 HPTA ——Hy Read More

  • Buy steroids with Bitcoin facilities from leading online sellers


    If you are not trapped in any caves or lost on any islands, then you most likely understand the steroids on the market today. The vast majority of people use this magical supplement frantically to make their bodies better through special tailoring and shapes. Professional bodybuilders, athletes, cel Read More

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